Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Marie France EDM Experience

If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you'll know that I visit Marie France on a weekly basis (as much as possible when my schedule permits).   I always include FMS Elite and added some for spot treatments, my issues has always been my upper body --- arms and tummy!  So I added Endermologie+.

Get rid of stubborn fat with Endermologie+. Its advanced LipoMassage™ slimming technology permanently eliminates resistant fat, smoothens out cellulite, and firms up the skin.Using various roll modalities, it effectively treats problem areas by stimulating deep biological responses in the body that result in non-surgical fat removal, redefined curves, and firmer, smoother, skin. It is ideal for those struggling with sagging skin and cellulite, and those who want to recontour their figure and maintain firm, youthful-looking skin.

Consultation is definitely needed when you visit any Marie France branches, don't worry though if you need the extra push to lose weight, the staffs and Doctors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable with all their treatments --- from General Weight Loss to Spot Reduction and Body Contouring/Sculpting.  I opted to add this treatment because I wanted to firm up my loose skin from trying to lose weight!

Now let's talk about my experience (I'm on my 4th as of the moment).   EDM+ started with me changing up into this body-hugging suit and you go to the room where the machine is located and you lay down face down.  

The treatment will concentrate either your upper or lower body and I went for upper.

Endermologie Treatment comes with an ergodrive head (roller) and it uses three kinds of lipomassage movements:

ROLL'Up -gently yet intensively conditions skin tissues to eliminate fat deposits and revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation;
ROLL'In - reactivates the elimination of resistant fat; and
ROLL'Out - revitalizes collagen production and stimulates fibroblasts (firming cells).

Now, the treatment starts with the Therapist checking with you the level of treatment you can manage!  I am on number 4 which was good enough for a first-timer (as I have high tolerance to pain).  When the roller started rolling, I felt a good sensation because it felt like a massage!  As soon as I start to doze off to dreamland, I felt a bit of pain (just a little bit of discomfort) and I was told by the therapist it was because the area has more fats.  This holds true because I felt the most discomfort on my tummy area which has the most fat!  Again, the discomfort is just like having 2 roller balls pressing into your fats in between. 

After my 3rd and 4th session, everything was better, I guess my body is used to the treatment OR, maybe, my fats has been reduced?

I have to be honest, do not expect immediate results because you need to follow up with right exercise and diet! 

What I noticed though is that after treatment, my pants fit better.  But again, you have to watch your diet and of course, you have to keep those physical activities coming and eat healthily.

Again, if you plan to lose weight, you may add Marie France treatments but you have to plan out a holistic approach in losing weight, I was told one reason I can't lose those stubborn fats is because I sleep very late at night which slower metabolism - that rings true so I guess I have to do a bit of overhaul to my lifestyle.

For more information, visit https://mariefrance.com.ph/.  You  may also call 894-2639 for a free private consultation today!

Are you currently trying to lose those extra pounds?

What's your game plan?

I plan to add up going to the gym soon, I just have to fix my schedule!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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