Sunday, September 9, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at Big Boy's Diner, Banawe

I love restaurants that gives me the "Superman", "Back to the Future" - okay, since most of you are too young for those movies I've mentioned, I'll just say "Riverdale" feel!

And I missed our US trip so much I want to head back to In and Out burger place and guess what?  I kind of found a gem right here in Manila!  

A small, American-style diner restaurant located at Banawe called Big Boy's Diner.

It was weird time of the day when we arrived so the restaurant was empty, but upon leaving the restaurant around 6:00pm, people are starting to fill in the restaurant and I understand why!

Aside from the gorgeous ambiance, the perfect lighting (they even have neon lights!), the servers are friendly and best of all, you get straightforward, no-frills American food!

Chicken and Waffle
I wanted waffles and I wanted something for Kyle!  This is a perfect plate for me!  The chicken is flavorful from skin to the meat!  Though the chicken earned thumbs up from me, I wish the pancake would have that crunchy exterior while soft on the inside!  I guess I just have to request for that in the future!

Big Boy's Burger

Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions, Lettuce, Bacon, Mushrooms and American Cheese, everything went perfect with the beef pattie that actually tastes like In and Out burger!  I wish this burger would go bigger for those with bigger appetite, as for me, I am happy with the size and the flavor and quality of the burger is a huge WIN for me!   It looks just like regular burger but tastes perfect!

4-Cheese Burger
American Cheese, Monterey-Jack Cheese, Cheddar and Mozzarella completes the name of the burger.  For someone who loves Cheese Pizza, I think I'll stick to my regular burger with vegetables!  My vote goes for Big Boy's Burger but if you're a total cheese lover, by any means, go for this!

I went ahead and picked Onion Rings as my choice of sides and it was the best decision because...

It was so yummy I had to order another one!  The onions have the perfect sweetness and crunch at the same time, the breading was just right! 

Overall, I am very happy with my experience dining in this restaurant.
Keep in mind that parking space is limited, around 2-3 cars max outside the restaurant. 
During peak hours, the place could get crowded so taking photos or selfies may be a bit difficult!  So if you plan to go there to have your photos taken, make sure to order food and drinks and take your great photos away!  

Big Boy's Diner
128 Sto. Domingo Avenue Corner Sta. Catalina Street, Banawe, Quezon City
Tel. no.: 632-2469069 ext:880

Keep smilin'
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