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Hairstyling Products I Love and You Should Try!

I am addicted to hairstyling products you all know it by  now!
You see me in straight hair, naturally-wavy hair, curly hair!  You don't see me having the same hairstyle for 2 days straight because my hair has its' own life too!  

Instead of fighting it, I prefer to embrace it and go with the flow!  But of course, going with the flow would be easier with the help of some hairstyling products/tools.

a photo of BeachBorn Dry Shampoo, Sea Salt Spray and Sunset Spray review by Nikki Tiu of

I've seen BeachBorn brand so many times over my friends' Instagram page and I'm glad to finally get my hands on them!  I immediately tried their Protect and Style products ---

BeachBorn Dry Shampoo (Php223.00)
BeachBorn Sea Salt Spray (Php185.00)
BeachBorn Sunset Spray (Php180.00)
Availability: BeautyMNL and

a photo of BeachBorn Dry Shampoo, Sea Salt Spray and Sunset Spray review by Nikki Tiu of

I used BeachBorn Sunset Spray immediately after receiving them, it is a hydrating spray that does not only tames frizz and detangles hair, it actually helps protect from heat and sunlight and it is safe for kids!  I like the gentle, citrusy scent which relaxes me!  After several trials, I personally think the best way to use this is to spritz 5-6 inches away from hair starting from mid-shaft down to the tips.  I like to apply this product on damp (towel-dried) hair before I start blowdrying!  This way, my hair won't feel as greasy and heavy and it is indeed easier to comb with this product!

Next comes the BeachBorn Dry Shampoo, this is said to be an all-natural dry shampoo (which made me love this product more) and this is meant to help purify and absorb excess sebum, sweat and odor of your hair.  The best way to use this is to spritz (3-4 inches away from rooms) on the root area of your hair to lessen the "grease".  Thankfully, it does not give me the dandruff or cause irritations!  

The best way to use this product is to apply this several minutes BEFORE styling, I think if you spray this on the roots and style it immediately, the product won't be as effective as waiting for a couple more minutes (tip: Do your makeup at this stage).  

Now, if your hair is extremely oily or you have naturally limp hair, do not expect this product to give you the "volume" you want because this product is more of a grease-stripper rather than a volumizer.  If you are aiming for volume, then you'll love this third product!

BeachBorn Sea Salt Spray!  This product is a texturizer, it adds volume and as a hairstylist, I actually use this instead of "teasing one's hair".  I find teasing to be a major crime for hair so I love using Sea Salt Spray to lift the hair on the roots and give that perfect volume you want!

The product is a bit tricky to use and you need to shake it really well as the salt tends to stay at the bottom of the bottle!  Start by spraying a few amount before you opt for more because spraying MORE than enough will weigh down your hair thus seeing opposite result!

Now that's my hair after using all 3 BeachBorn products.  And what I love is the fact that my hair feels soft, manageable and smells great the whole day!  thankfully, it didn't turn into a "grease ball" comes end of the day!  

a photo of BeachBorn Dry Shampoo, Sea Salt Spray and Sunset Spray review by Nikki Tiu of

Have you tried BeachBorn products?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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