Thursday, September 27, 2018


How should one look after a workout?
Flushed, great skin with an added glow.

And I think I achieved that without doing all sorts of crazy workout, all I did was use CliniqueFIT products.

But of course, I'm not saying you just sit there and be a couch potato!  Definitely not pushing on that as I am pushing myself to a healthier lifestyle by adding a bit of workout in the morning when I wait for my son in school.  (hello jogging and brisk walking!)

Clinique says ---
Whether you are just looking for sweat proof makeup or you need something to make you feel your best at the gym, the new Clinique FITline of products is up your alley. Even with my oily skin, their moisturizer, foundation, and mascara held up through my high intensity workout.

Let's make this clear before I talk further, you don't have to use this DURING workout but Clinique made a full range of products safe enough to be used during workout with the added sweat-resistance  as it's main selling point making this product perfect even for daily use!

I tried these products during my jogging sessions at the same time, I also used them on days I may not be working out but was doing a lot of errands (getting stressed in between).

CLINIQUEFIT Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer
Instantly hydrates thirsty skin. Lightweight, oil-free moisturizer controls oil and shine as it mattifies. Refreshes during your workout and beyond.

This feels like a regular moisturizer on first use, I was a bit hesitant to use this product since it's written "Mattifying" all over!  Fortunately, this product does mattify the oily areas of my face and retains moisture on drier areas!

This product has a gel-like texture making it a blessing to use especially on warmer days (which is almost all-year round in the Philippines).  I like to use this more on areas of my skin that tends to oil up like T-zone and sides of my nose and chin.  I sometimes get away by using this, a bit of concealer and set everything with a powder and I actually have nice-looking skin that can still breathe.

CLINIQUEFIT Workout Makeup SPF40/PA+++
Lightweight, sweat- and humidity-proof foundation that keeps up with your highly active life. Medium coverage, natural-matte finish wears for 12 long-lasting hours. Protects with SPF 40. Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. Oil-free.

Thanks Clinique for creating several shades.  I have shade 02 Medium which works well for my skin tone.   It comes with a simple squeeze type tube with a sharp pointed tip making it easy to dispense the right amount of product needed.

Swatch: 02 Medium
Medium has warm undertone works for users with fair to medium fair complexion.

Because this has very thin, water-like consistency, I actually enjoys applying this using clean fingers.  It feels like tinted moisturizer with better coverage!  The product adds hydration to the skin while giving fair amount of coverage.

For a light foundation, I am quite surprised it gives ample amount of coverage as this product can even out my skin tone, covers certain redness and even lessen the look of dark undereye circles!  

Before and After
Let's talk about longevity.  Surprisingly, the CLINIQUEFIT Workout Makeup can actually stay more than 5 hours and I actually tried taking a shower with it!  It stays on my skin without looking like I have make up on (not unless you rub your face)!  Reapplication is needed midday if you have extremely oily skin but only a few areas of your face like sides of the nose, forehead and undereye area!  Overall, I am impressed with the product! The added SPF40 is a bonus as well!  The only downside I can see as of the moment is the possibility of white cast with flash photography.  Nothing a dark powder can't  handle though!

CLINIQUEFIT Lip + Cheek Flush
It’s like a post-workout glow without the workout. Sheer gel adds a healthy-looking touch of colour to lips and cheeks. Fade resistant. Oil-free.

Shade 01 Pink In Motion
The shade pink is a bit off when I first swatched the product as it looks more "berry" than pink to me.  But after using this product for a month plus, I can finally say, this is indeed a TRUE PINK shade.

Though I seldom like to use lip and cheek tint on both lips and cheeks (they usually ended up just being a lip or cheek product), but for this particular one, I actually enjoy using this on both my cheeks and lips!

Now here's the tricky part, "A little goes a long way" does not apply to this particular tint, if you want more flush of color especially for those who have darker complexion, you need to apply more than usual and thankfully, the texture and consistency is so easy to work with even first-timers won't have a hard time using this.

I like to apply 2 small dots on one side of the cheek and gently dab using clean hands.  As for my lips, I like to apply MORE because the product tends to gets absorbed into the lips I can't seem to see the color especially since I have dark pigmented lips.  

I've read a couple of negative reviews about this product saying the product does not show up on them.  You know what I found?  This product shows up really well when you ACTUALLY WORK OUT.  When you sweat and with the warmth of your body, the product would come out so beautifully I honestly thought it was ME...naturally!  

It is hard to explain but I actually like to use this when I want to look like I really don't have makeup on but just by normal healthy pink cheeks and lips!

Shade: Black
Volumizing mascara defines lashes. Life-proof formula is sweat resistant, humidity resistant and wears for 24 smudge-free hours. For lashes that go the distance.

As I am typing this review, I really want to give this product a kiss right now.  (okay, be right back) *kisses mascara*
I have never thought I'll find a mascara so effective in lengthening in a better known in skincare brand than makeup Clinique!  When I first gave this a roadtest, I thought it was just my imagination that this mascara ACTUALLY WORKS on my non-existent lashes.  But after several tries, this is going to be one of my most favorite mascara to date!  YES --- it jumped way past my other favorite brands!

Why do I love this?  

The brush is perfectly shaped!  I never have mascara booboos with this wand, it is small enough to grab even the smallest lash hairs!  

Second, the formula, the formula is just right, it's not too thick or thin, in a single swipe, it coats 95% of my lashes and it lengthens so beautifully like no other!  SERIOUSLY, I am not pulling your arm!
Third, it maybe lacks a bit of the volume department but I am A-OKAY with it!  The length is just amazing I am calling this my favorite mascara to date!

Oh, lastly, no smudging, no panda-eyes!  'nuff said!

CLINIQUEFIT Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray
An instantly refreshing spray that rehydrates and renews skin post-workout or any time.

This is somewhat close to my favorite Moisture Sure Face Spray, I love how it hydrates my skin giving my skin an instant-lift no matter how hot the day is!

CLINIQUEFIT Post-Workout Face and Body Cleansing Wipes
Cleans away excess dirt, oil and sweat that can cause pores to clog or lead to breakouts. Refreshes skin, preps for makeup.

I personally love using this wipes more than Clinique Take The Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes because this is less oily and greasy.   Though I understand pretty well why the ones I've tried in the past is more greasy because it is meant to remove hardcore makeup as for this, this works pretty well in removing CLINIQUEFIT makeup products!

I love the scent and I love how it refreshes me anytime of the day!  I also like to use this to wipe off excess sweat and sebum before I retouch my makeup.

So this is ME wearing ALL CliniqueFIT products mentioned above!  I am actually confident to go barefaced during my jogging sessions but it doesn't hurt to look glowing and healthy just in case I bumped into someone :) 

What's your take on these CliniqueFIT products?
Do you wear makeup when you workout?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to comment your questions, suggestions and just anything you may want to say! Keep smiling and stay happy!