Saturday, September 1, 2018

Karmart's ABBC 2018 Regional Competition

Being invited as a Host for Asian Beauty Blogger Contest 2018 in the Philippines is already a blessing I can't stop thanking God for.  Doing it for the first year was so much fun I was actually excited to be part of the competition again, feel free to watch all 3 episodes here.

After the local competition was over, I got a call from a Cathy Doll representative asking me if I am available to judge the Regional Competition in Bangkok, Thailand!  

Obviously, I said YES! 

Raiza and I together with Karmart's Gab Pong Wiwat and Wong Wi Wat
during the Regional Competition last August 27, 2018 held at Central World Mall

It was a huge event and it was held at the 11th Largest Shopping Complex in the World - Central World Bangkok.  

There were a total of 11 countries competing and please watch the live videos on Cathy Doll Philippines FB page because you will be so proud of our representative Ms. Raya Maurelle Cordova.

Instead of complaining how difficult it is to judge as all the contestants were amazing.  I think all 11 contestants deserve an award as there were more than 20 judges judging them, everything was timed and they had to do it in a public place!  It is safe to say, the competition definitely leveled up and it gets harder and harder each year.

All the contestants did great and I was sitting there at the judging table feeling proud because Beauty Blogging/Vlogging has gone a long way!  I am so grateful there are companies such as Karmart who opens up opportunities for newbies and professionals alike! 

Raya bagged 2nd runner-up but I was proud nevertheless, winning Grand Champion in the Philippines is already great enough for this College student and having to stand there doing all the challenges flawlessly amidst time limit and loads of pressure speaks so much about this girl!  I'm sure Raya will go a long way!

The event calls for an outfit theme.  With hashtag #LetYourTrueColorsShine , guests were asked to come in monochromatic outfit that shows your true color.

I immediately thought of something bright, like a bright yellow or pink, but deep inside, I knew that my personality itself speaks of color and I want to come wearing the most comfortable outfit instead as I want to look good representing nmy country.  

It was a perfect combo for me and my co-judge Raiza Contawi as she came in RED which I  personally think we represent the Philippine Flag! 

But dark blue really is a representation of calmness, confidence, trust, loyalty, sincerity and wisdom.  I believe I am those adjectives so it is indeed  a perfect TRUE Color for me, it doesn't hurt that the color works for my skintone too! :P

I want to personally thank Ms. Zandra Lim of Zandra Lim Designs for designing and creating such lovely piece.  Zandra Lim was actually my Bridal Gown supplier year 2007 and I can't stop raving about her work until today!

She designed based from my body type.  I like how she patiently listens about what I want in a clothing and my first fitting was already a success!  I knew the dress would come out perfectly!

Final look.

It was so comfortable I can eat, drink, judge, wear this until after-party which finished around 2:00am!  I was dancing the night away with this comfortable dress!

By the way, to celebrate her 15th year in the business, she is supporting a charitable cause to help cancer patients in their journey to treatment.  

On September 15 and 16, Zandra Lim Designs will host a celebratory two-day fashion event at the Discvoery Primea, Makati entitled Crystal.  This even consists of a fashion show, which I am lucky enough to be part of as I am walking the runway with her Bridal piece, and will also include a bridal fair with other esteemed Bridal Suppliers

September 15
Bridal Fair - ft. Reputable suppliers.
Doors open: 6pm
(With limited ticket sales!)

September 16
For the fashion show tickets, please DM, email or sms 09209113804.

In partnership with: Niceprint, Amantefleurs, Rhed Sarmiento Events, Discovery Primea, Merry to Marry

Sponsored by: Metrotech Projectors, LST Lights & Sounds, & Pikulyar Photo

Please help share this post because our love for Beauty and Fashion 
can actually do good not only to ourselves but another individual!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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