Friday, October 19, 2018

AMW Family's Amari Moments

The last time we took a professional Family Portrait was December 25, 2013 (Kyle was less than a year old back then!)  

I clearly remembered that day because it was a random thought to have a professional photo taken for his first birthday invites.  For the next few years, we took amateur photos with the help of family members and friends!  But to be honest, I wished we have at least one family portrait a year!  Because this kid is growing so fast I can't keep track!  

When photographer friend Myra Ho messaged me inviting my family to have our portraits taken by her at Amari Moments Studio in Tomas Morato, who can say no to that?  I've met Myra on several occasion during The Body Shop events and she always takes great photos!  

And this is just ONE out of the many great shots she produced!

Well 2, actually, MORE!

The studio can be easily found at Waze (Type Winland Tower).  The tower itself do not have parking slots but you can easily park in front of the building or beside the building.

It is a 2-BR Condo with different set ups and props!  Thankfully, they have toys for kids where Kyle can happily enjoy playing as we change for his next outfit.  Kyle actually enjoyed playing so much he doesn't want to leave the studio!

But because the set-up is so cute, he doesn't mind us calling him in between playtime for some photoshoot!  He actually enjoyed the pastel backdrop and props!

These 2 doors are actually working!  They lead to 2 studio setups, playroom that can also work as a dressing room!

If you plan to have your kid's photos taken, feel free to bring more clothes and props (I had him wear his favorite Sunnies Kids eyewear)

And of course, we had to capture our Mommy & Son moments too!  Props like stairs, ladders, chairs, tools, plants are all there for you to use!  I love the pastel colors!  They have more backdrop color choices for you to choose from!

Awww, Big Boy na si Kyle!

But my most favorite photos are the BTS shots!  The shots we didn't know Myra was taking!  When I was teaching Kyle to do "Heart hands".

When daddy was scared of Kyle falling off that's why he's readily supporting him backstage.

Mr. and Mrs. AMW fixing his clothes, his hair and everything Stage parents do for their kids were caught on cam!

Stage Mom on duty!  Sir Yes Sir!

And since our wedding anniversary is coming up soon (October 27 to be exact) papatalo ba kami?

Eto yun eh!  The "Fish Lips" we've done during our Prenup Shoot that we had to re-enact!  We actually kissed like this after the Wedding Ceremony which made the crowd laugh including the priest!

Myra Ho is a wonderful photographer with great talent in communicating with kids.  I love how she readily offers for shots and her fingers have this magical power of clicking so quickly she caught all the great moments.

You may also book them even on location, just message Myra and tell her what your preferred sessions are because she does Portrait sessions, Maternity Shoots, Family Shoots and Newborn shoots.  Aside from that, she takes great food photos too!  Visit her website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more details.

What's your favorite photo from them?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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