Saturday, November 17, 2018

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Products Review

The first time I blogged about Tiny Buds products, I already knew about the brand as it was Kyle's FIRST toothpaste brand!  Little did I know that they have a wide range of products and so far, I've used them all up and I'm impressed.

Then, their product line expanded and I've tested their Rice Baby Powder and loved it so much I purchased more for my dad (who's bedridden from stroke) and every time I massage his back, I tease him that he's my baby too!

So the brand is very close to my heart!  So when I saw their new line of Rice Baby products, I gave it a go right away!

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Bath (Php175.00) is a low foaming wash.  I love the mild baby scent and it is paraben free so my son's skin is soft and smooth after every wash.  

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Lotion (Php185.00) on the other hand is what I use, Kyle is not a lotion user but the mom is, so to make sure my son is safe, I use baby products on my skin so kissing and hugging is widely welcomed!

And of course, my review still stands on the Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder, feel free to read full review HERE.

Have you tried Tiny Buds products?
What's your favorite?

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  1. Their rice powder is great and I use it more often than the usual talc powders.


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