Sunday, November 4, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: Quarks and Quills

I am confident to say, I know ALL the restaurants and coffee shops like the back of my hand!  For the past 2 years, I stay in Banawe every single school day for 4 hours to wait for my son in school.

My son studies at Quezon City while we live in Manila, driving him to school means it is more feasible to stay there and wait for him rather than going back home to brave the traffic. 

With 4 hours in my hands, I bring my laptop and take my work wherever I go (thank you Lord for Freelance jobs!)

Because I am also a researcher by profession, I was able to find a restaurant perfect for not only freelancers like myself but students alike!

Quarks and Quills!  

Good coffee - CHECK!

Yummy food - CHECK!
Comfortable environment - SUPER CHECK!

They also have discounts available at Booky app but I felt a bit shy to use the discount as I stay there to use their internet connection, stay in a nice air-conditioned room, use their electricity at times to charge my laptop (nahiya ako, and they deserve the amount I pay!) 

I actually tried a lot of their dishes in the menu but for some reason, I wasn't able to take good photos because they are mostly for takeaway.

Skin-On Fries
These are thick-cut fries bake d until really crunchy.  I like the fact that it is baked so it isn't greasy!

Creamy Alfredo
Linguine and mushrooms cooked in creamy white sauce topped with bacon bits.  I would say this dish is not like those from Italian restaurants but more of a Filipino version.  Not my favorite but if you're craving for one, why not?

Aside from coffee, they also offer a good cup of tea, I was feeling under the weather then so it was great to have a warm cup of tea after working so hard!

Quarks and Quills
43-H N. Roxas Corner Apo Street, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City1114
Tel. no. 632-2469069 ext:675

Do you have any other Banawe restaurants in mind to recommend?

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