Saturday, February 2, 2019

AMW Joins Boxing Hybrid Evolution Fitness Club


That's the word I blurted out after I had my FIRST sweat after gazillion years.
I finally found a workout place I can hang out while I wait for my son in school.  

I've been on a search since the start of Kyle's school year.  His schedule is 8:00am to 12:00nn so I have 4 hours to spare.  I have been spending most of my mornings inside coffee shops working and that said, it is NOT helping my waistline with all the lattes I down plus desserts on days I crave for sweets.

Thankfully, my gradeschool/highschool friend had a baby shower for her 2nd baby and I met her sister and brother-in-law.  I don't know how it happened but "Visit our gym at Banawe." was the sentence I heard and the rest was history!

I used to be a gym buff, I spent years at this particular gym in Espana with my sister during my younger years, we did weight-lifting, we did aerobics and a whole lot of dancing!  Those were the days I felt like my body was at its' best state.  Then motherhood happened plus all the jobs I've been doing, taking care of my body was set aside and I wanted to do something about it especially when I find myself catching my breathe whenever I take just a few flights of stairs.  Worst, I had a hard time lifting a 28-inch cooking pan using my left hand --- my body was calling for help!

I was a bit anxious on a first day, I mean, Hybrid Evolution Fitness Club is a place for Boxing, MuayThai, Kickboxing, Jujitsu etc.... what do you expect but a lot of male hormones right?  I was WRONG - I was greeted with a roomful of "momshies" and friendly faces!  I mean there are a lot of males but I don't feel intimidated AT ALL!

 Located at 3rd Floor Banawe Terraces, Banawe Corner Sta. Catalina QC (in front of Sogo), the place was clean and HUGE!  With high ceiling and wide windows, ample light goes in making it a comfortable place to workout.

P.S. They also have a branch at Katipunan 3rd floor Linear building 142 Katipunan Ave. St. Ignatius, Quezon City .

Let me tour you around the place and mind you, by the time you are reading this, I've finished 3 workouts for the week and I plan to take a look at their "studio" (located at the next floor) where Aerobics such as Zumba happens.

If you plan to just firm up and tone up and lift weights, they have an area for that! 

The Boxing Ring.  

Members are free to use any of the equipment inside the gym, and guess what?  They are clean!  I love how they clean the place like their own home!

On my second session, I was offered a strength training session with Coach Drew.  By the way, Boxing Hybrid Evolution Fitness Club have friendly coaches who are available for members who needs individualized attention.  They will share to you an effective workout routine and guide you with your breathing and posture!

So this was my session and I've completed 2 sets of this --- planning to increase more when I go back for a visit!

Coach Drew and I for my strength training.
I appreciate how they don't treat me as first-timer, I was expecting a boring and slow workout routine on my first week but boy was I wrong!  I was given a workout that kicked my own ass :P

These routine look simple but my arms and legs were on FIRE!

I also tried Boxing for the first time!  I've done a series of TaeBo workouts in the past (Hello Billy Blanks!  Na-oobvious age ko!) And this one is quite similar in some ways!  I didn't forget some of the footwork and body moments but thankfully, there's Coach Dante who was patient enough to teach me the basics of Boxing.  (Note: Coach Lito Dante is a professional Boxer!)

Check out my face on first Boxing session and second (left and right), see how comfortable I am with my coach in just a short span of time?  And checkout my sweat!  (Grabe tulo ng pawis ko guys!)

I need a lot of work with my jabs and must practice more on my hooks, my form isn't that great but I'm not rushing, I'm giving myself ample time to get used to these routine and I can't wait to report back to you soon!

Million dollar question ---
"Is it expensive to workout at Boxing Hybrid Evolution Fitness Club?"

A big NO!
For as long as Php1,900.00, you can avail 10 unlimited sessions consumable within 2 months.  And they also offer promos so please follow them on their Facebook account.  Promos like Free Birthday Sessions and Free Membership and discounted packages offered this year 2019!

And thankfully, the fitness club opens as early as 6:00am so you are free to do your workout session before you go to school or work!  They have clean shower and changing room!

So yes, whatever excuse that's on top of your head --- erase all that!  Give workout a try and let's love our body more!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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