Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Marie France Elite and Facial Care Centre Opens at MET LIVE!

Marie France Elite and Facial Care Centre opens up (a bit) nearer my area!  Located at third level of MET LIVE Macapagal, I was able to book myself a Honey Almond Facial Service (my favorite!) and Laser Light within the month it was opened!

That explains my excited face!

Everyone wore a Happy Andradra robe and were all smile because it is easier to #ThinkSexyLiveSexier with the help of both Marie France Elite and Facial Care Centre!

with Nicky of Marie France/Facial Care Centre and Hershey Neri

 I told you I was able to book a session right?  It happened last Thursday and I had so much fun relaxing after the start of my workout session! 

Laying down for a good 45minutes to 1 hour is a treat for busy mom like myself!  (Click here to read my Honey Almond Facial Experience)

 I also gave LaserLight a try!  Laserlight Hair Removal is non invasive.  This type of session targets hair follicles directly preventing new hair growth so unwanted hair is reduced.  Aside from that, I was told that my underarm will stay smooth and even-toned.

First session was a breeze so I'm looking forward for my 2nd session next month!  Will update you guys if this is effective or not!

For more information, visit and don't forget to LIKE their FB Page You may call Call 892-SKIN (7546).

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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