Friday, March 1, 2019

Facial Care Centre LaserLight Experience

I don't really have issues with body hair as I am lucky to be born with not a lot of those.  BUT, I do have issues with chicken skin on my underarms from constant shaving and random plucking.

I may be a Beauty Blogger for more than a decade now but one thing you may have noticed is how I almost do not have services done until recently --- Facials and hair treatments turn out to be something I'm focusing on for the year 2019.  

Yes, because I am not getting any younger and I realized, after working so hard, I DESERVE some "Me Time" because I used to be the type who gets guilty to splurge for myself.  Thankfully, with Mr. AMW's constant reminder of : "You deserve ME time, You deserve it!"  I finally go to monthly sessions at  Facial Care Centre for my much-deserved treatments.

a photo of Facial Care Centre LaserLight review for underarm.

Aside from Honey Almond Facial, one treatment that really interests me is the Laserlight treatment.  It is a treatment that helps remove unwanted hair quickly, permanently and painlessly.  

I don't have issues with my legs or other parts of my body except my underarm, so I went for my first Laserlight underarm treatment last January and returned for my 2nd treatment within the week.

Yes, in just 2 treatments, I am actually ready to share my thoughts because the effect was THAT QUICK!

a photo of Facial Care Centre LaserLight review for underarm.

You might be thinking: is laser hair removal painful? It doesn’t have to be. Being hair-free should be pain-free and hassle-free! LaserLight Hair Removal painlessly, permanently, and safely reduces unwanted hair using the combination of the Gold Standard 810-nm diode and IN-Motion technology. Directly targets the hair follicles, preventing the growth of new hair, in a pain-free, comfortable treatment experience.Ideal for permanent reduction of unwanted hair

In layman's term, the laser is HOT and they use a gel to protect your underarm during treatment.  I know the description says "painless" but it really depends on your tolerance to pain.  On first session, they use the lowest setting thus you only feel a bit of tingle and heat.  On second session, I felt it more but feel free to talk to your therapist if you feel uncomfortable so they can adjust the setting to your comfort.

a photo of Facial Care Centre LaserLight review for underarm.

"Tiis ganda" is the keyword because some may find it painful but for me, it is BEARABLE.  You will feel more "heat" on areas of your underarm that tends to have more hair and the session is short - max of 10-15 minutes per underarm so yes, it is super bearable for the love of smooth, hair-free "pits".

Does it work?

I'm sure a lot of you have that question on top of your head and I won't make this long, the answer is YES, surprisingly I see the effect even after 1 session.  But of course, keep in mind that different individuals react to treatment differently so my experience may not be the same as yours.

After 1st treatment -

  • 3 days after, my underarm hair grew more than usual.  This was expected as disclosed to me by the therapist.  
  • It is advisable not to shave or pluck the hair for the therapist to see in your 2nd session the effect of 1st session on you.  In my case, I had to shave it off as I have client meetings and events to attend to (kaloka naman na puro underarm hair! LOL)
  • After 1 shave, the hair on my underarm did not grow as much, I actually survived not shaving or plucking for 2 weeks!  The hair that grew are very thin and almost invisible to the naked eye.
After 2nd treatment - 
  • My underarm is smooth and no chicken skin!  I can't help but touch it again and again (TMI lol)
  • Hair growth spurt again on 2nd-3rd day but again, super bearable as the hair is thinner than the original ones I get.

You know how you get consistent in going to treatments because you see it work?  Well that is happening to me because I can't wait for my 3rd session since the first 2 showed so much progress!  I am more confident in raising my underarms and with no plucking and shaving, I can't wait for whiter-looking underarm too!

Facial Care Centre Laserlight starts at Php3,000.  Price varies depending on area so please contact them directly.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I giggled a bit at the part when u shared how much u touch your underarms after the laser treatment. That's so me after I just got them waxed LOL

    Been enjoying your IG stories a lot <3

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    1. hahaha yay, di lang pala ako! :D :D :D High Five! kasi naman eh, very smooth talaga!

  2. Hi, may kasama na bang whitening yung treatment?

    1. none, but if your hair does not grow na, there's no friction so less din ang darkening ng UA


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