Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Welcome to my skincare arsenal - with the NEW Clinique iD!

If you know my skincare journey, you'll know that my blog started with my quest for a good skincare regiment that would work for my dry, very sensitive skin.

It was healed all because of Clinique DDML and Moisture Surge.  I cannot count how many times I've repurchased the said set because it really works.

Fast forward to today, because the said product works for me, it did not only kept my skin hydrated, it actually healed my skin to the point I can freely test and try out different skincare brands!

And why do I try and use other skincare brands?  Aside from the fact that I am a Beauty Blogger and testing out skincare products is actually part of the "fun" of Beauty Blogging, I find that the Clinique DDML and Moisture surge line is great for hydration but lacking on some other department - we all know I'm not getting any younger so I'm definitely aiming for skincare products that has anti-aging properties.  Same as you, you may have issues on pores or uneven skin tone, it is but more practical to look for a skincare product that targets your skin concerns.

Clinique iD answers all that!

According to Clinique website ---
Concentrated actives in the cartridge visibly reduce the look of pores and retexturize skin. With continued use, see visible improvement in skin texture.
Choose from three hydration bases*:
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™
Hydrates all day. Helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, so more moisture stays in. Slips on easily, absorbs quickly. Protects against skin-damaging pollution.
Dramatically Different™ Oil-Control Gel
Combines all-day oil-free hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients. Balances and refreshes oilier skin types. Slips on easily, absorbs quickly. Protects against skin-damaging pollution.
Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly
Delivers 24-hour hydration repair plus pollution protection. Clean Shield Technology™ locks in the good—like moisture—and filters out the bad. Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and improves resiliency. Unique water-jelly texture feels fresh, penetrates quickly.

I personally used Lotion for a decade now, I am intrigued with the Hydrating Jelly because it is said to work also for users with dry skin.

How to know which "cartridge" is best for you?

I highly recommend you have your skin analyzed at a Clinique store/counter.  They have an app called Clinique ClinicalReality which will tell you your skin issue.  I suggest you do so with bare skin, I had my skin tested with full makeup on as I just came back from a hosting gig and I had full coverage foundation on thus the reading was "PORES and UNEVEN skin".  I was recommended with the Blue cartridge but I opt to test again next time.

Once you know your skin concern, that's the time you pick a base, pick between Lotion, Jelly or Gel.  From there, you get to insert the Active Cartridge Concentrate meant for your skin.

  • Green - irritation
  • Blue - pores and uneven texture
  • White - uneven skintone
  • Orange - fatigue
  • Purple - lines and wrinkles.

I swatched them all and you see the "extra serum" you get per pump!  I am so excited to use my purple one!  Yes, I picked purple because I wanted something that targets my aging skin!

Clinique iD is priced locally at Php2,650/125ml  It is best to find your iD today and let me know what's your color!

I've found my Clinique iD with my blogger friends! :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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