Saturday, May 25, 2019

Dr. Kong Back To School Promo

Mommies and daddies!
Hear ye!  Hear ye!

Seeing "PROMO" or "SALE" is one of the best feeling in the world!  What's even better?  When the sale happens for a brand that your family loves!

Dr. Kong!

Since Kyle started school, he wears Dr. Kong and loved this shoe brand so much we ended up going in every single Dr. Kong stores he sees (in every single mall) to have his foot assessed!  He just loved the idea of having his foot assessed and loving more that the shoe brand he wears is Dr. Kong! 

#TrueStory Even when we're inside a different shoe store and we would ask him to pick a new pair, he would always shout for "Dr. Kong please!".  Such a loyal kid!  :P

Kyle's nth time Assessment

He honestly reads every single word and note it by heart!

As we all know, schoolkids wear school shoes ten months in a year and while their feet is still developing, it is very important that they wear proper shoes to avoid future foot and posture problems.  Aside from comfort, it is essential they wear footwear that supports his feet.

During the assessment, we learned that Dr. Kong Shoes and insoles address several foot and posture concerns like Rearfoot Valgus, knock knees and intoeing.  Dr. Kong shoes and insoles have different levels of arch support, different forefoot widths, reinforced midsole for stability and increased insole support.  Also, they have hard heel counter which stabilizes the heel bone and controls the degree of rearfoot valgus. 

And thankfully, Dr. Kong designs are getting better by the year!  I see a whole lot of styles that looks so nice making it difficult for us to pick the right school shoes for Kyle!

Tip: Check with the SA the available styles for the size of your kids!  From there, your choices trim down big time and it gets easier to choose.

Our Top 4!

Since Dr. Kong is on sale from May until June 30, 2019, we get to buy 1 pair of school shoes and get the 2nd pair (of school shoes or gym shoes) at 50% off! 

So we went for Gym shoes!

And it wasn't hard to spot our favorite because we bought several Dr. Kong shoes for Kyle already so we knew his style and shoes that he doesn't have yet!

The Winner!

He is super happy!

Have you tried Dr. Kong Shoes?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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