Saturday, May 11, 2019

I Will Have A Gradeschooler Soon!

I don't know about you, this may not look like a Big Deal to some of you but this is a HUGE milestone for the AMW household!

Yes, I have a Grade 1 student by next schoolyear and I can't help but feel dramatic about it, I seriously do not have a baby anymore :(

My friend teased me: "You still have around 15 years to go!", there will come a time we'll look back at these digital photos with Kyle himself and just talk about it like it was yesterday.

So I am definitely seizing EVERY SINGLE MOMENT like it was "Oh!  Seems like yesterday!".  Because I want to look back and say: "I never regret every single moment I spent time with you Kyle!" 

Because me and my husband, has always been around his EVERY SINGLE milestones - big or small, we never even categorize them as big or small, we just call them Important Milestones and we just have to witness it!

Kyle, by the time comes you "Googled" your own name and find this article, I just want you to know that: "You are the greatest blessing to me and daddy!  We never thought we could love someone as much as we do to you and worry and fear so much things in life because of you!  Whatever your goals and dreams are, your mommy and daddy will always back you up!  We are so proud of you since the day ONE." 

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies out there!
If you are reading this, I'm giving you a hug as we are doing a great job raising our kids in our own special ways!  No one is perfect, but in their eyes, we are!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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