Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Gift of Health

When I turned into a freelancer two years ago, the first thing on top of my mind was --- what will happen to my healthcare plans?  I mean, having a company with HR backing you up on the needed insurance and healthcare benefits, I just realized how hard it is for me to start from square one and look for a plan that fits to my budget - as a freelancer.

Then, I learned about Maria Health thru a friend.

Maria Health has revolutionized the healthcare shopping experience by offering you the ability to pull plans beside each other and compare which fit your needs and budget best.
For comprehensive plans, you can instantly get a free unbiased proposal from experts by simply
answering a few questions. The proposal contains the best possible options you can enroll yourself, your family, or your business to.
Meanwhile, for prepaid plans, you can choose from Maria Health’s wide range of packages and bundles covering emergency care, diagnostic exams, and doctor consultations to name a few.

And because of this discovery, it was an easy decision for me this Mother's Day to give the gift of health for my own mom.  My mom who selflessly give - she just give and never thought about herself!  Now that she is getting really old without any healthcare plans, I've decided it's time for me to give back by repaying her with just a simple gesture.

Looking into buying her this plan ---

One-time fee of Php3998.00

And of course, I have to take into consideration in taking care of my own health, since I started going back to the gym for workout to get strong, why not treat myself with some healthcare plans as well because obviously, I am not getting any younger.  And if I love my husband and son a lot, I should at least love myself first to be able to shower more love to others!

Some Prepaid bundles I am really interested in ---


And I am seriously scrolling the website and getting more addicted to it as compared to Beauty online shopping.  Things really change when you turn into a mom huh?

Learn more and shop for the right health plan for you by visiting

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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