Saturday, June 8, 2019


In a world where most of us are multi-hyphenated, I realized that there are small things in life we don't want to worry about.  Such thing as our underarms!  

I used to be the weird gal who doesn't sweat even inside a spa, that said, I was able to survive without using deodorant for years!  Then my body changed after giving birth, the weather went crazier by the day.  The last time I felt most insecure was the day I did a full day shoot with full blown lights and malfunctioned airconditioner - it was the worst work day of my life, I wasn't able to concentrate on my lines and whenever there's group pictorial, I would feel so insecure and obviously, the photos came out me looking weird and uncomfortable.

That's when I realized that my short "insecurity" moment could be a long term issue for most girls!  And for the past years, I have been using this brand that helped me do everything I can without having to worry about dark or perspiring underarms!

The classic Dove Original Nourished & Smooth Nourishing Cream.  I love to use this and the stick variant because of the wonderful scent, how my underarms stay smooth for the past months of usage!  Best of all, I feel and look fresh all day even under the crazy heat!

Best of all, my underarm does not turn dark as compared to other deo brands I've tried. 

You may also check out the other variant - Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector.

What's your Deodorant of choice?
Does your deodorant protect you from sweat and smell all day and prevent your "pits" from darkening?  

I know mind does!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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