Sunday, July 21, 2019

Mom & Tina's Timog Review

I have been to Mom & Tina's on several occasions. 
First time was for work - a shoot, so I really didn't eat that much.
The next few times, I visited the Timog branch with me and my family!  Brought my dad there so many times too because he liked the food and ambiance.  

After almost a year, I finally returned, this time with my good friends Jals and Andrea because Jals came back from the US and it's a perfect "tita-bonding" place because they open up early, they have parking spaces, they serve good breakfast and lunch...and most of all, they have yummy desserts!

It was the longest time for me to stay in a restaurant, Kyle's class was suspended so I brought him with me and stayed there for good 4 hours .

Mango Kani Salad
Crispy lettuce with a good serving of kani sticks and ripe mangoes.  Really delicious.  If like me you're not a fan of mayonnaise, maybe ask them to serve the dressing on the side.

Beef Stroganoff 
Okay, I asked for this, I wanted a cream based pasta and the server recommended me this, I'm not a fan of beef strips on pasta (bacon girl here!)  but yeah, my yaya loved this so it is just a matter of taste!

Meat Spaghetti
If you are craving for a no-frill spaghetti, you'll get your fix here as it comes with 2 serving of garlic bread and meaty pasta!

Of course, always finish up a hearty meal with good cup of coffee!  

And don't forget that pie!

And my good friend ordered this which got her approval too!

Have you dined in at Mom & Tina's? 
What's your favorite dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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