Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Special Edition Totally Tangled Ginger

I got totally tangled by The Body Shop's Special Edition Ginger Shower Gel and Body Yogurt.

Taking a shower feels much more relaxing and fun - for a busy mom like me!

This special edition Ginger products has a right "zingy" fragrance that felt a bit weird (for me) on first sniff but upon using them constantly, I am actually looking forward to it!  

The Shower Gel, like any other shower gels from The Body Shop lathers up pretty quickly which I like and I like to use it with my favorite loofah and do a circular massaging motion.  The product is enriched with ginger root extract from India and Community Trade organic cane sugar from Paraguay.

And ONLY The Body Shop body yogurt gets into my shower.  It is the ONLY product I apply IMMEDIATELY after shower. 

This is a lightweight gel-cream that gets absorbed into skin instantly with a nice cool sensation.  I love it that I sleep with good skin and wake up with the same sensation!  The Body yogurt provides moisture for up to 48 hours and I believe them!

Do you like ginger scented body products?
Would you give this a sniff?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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