Saturday, August 31, 2019

Make Up For Ever's First Masterclass with Leo Posadas

For someone who is already a Professional Make Up Artist and have been doing makeup and skincare trainings in various companies, I believe learnings should NEVER STOP!  There's always room for more tips and tricks and when I got an invite from one of my favorite professional makeup brand Make Up For Ever to attend their first Masterclass with THE LEO POSADAS, I had to do my best to move my schedule around! 

Traffic was crazy but it was all worth it!  And because I love my AMW Friends, here I took notes and will share to you the tips I learned from the Master!

Are you excited?

Leo Posadas is a Bridal and Celebrity Make Up Artist, known for his clean and natural-looking makeup, Leo is unsurprisingly booked on most weekends for his lovely brides!  Aside from that, he is also a trusted name TVCs.

Leo is such a charmer, though the media/bloggers were mostly quiet (as we are all into serious learning!)  he was able to inject funny anecdotes making sure the crowd won't get bored!

For the #MakeUpForeverPH #Masterclass , the brand also launched their newest #Reboot Foundation and it was highlighted during the workshop as well!

Clean Face
A clean canvass for flawless makeup is a must!  Make Up For Ever's Mist & Fix was used on top of a cleansed face and blend with a sponge.

Leo preppped the model's skin with Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Skin Booster.  He applied at the heart shape of the face which I find quite unique.

To keep skin looking radiant, Leo picked Radiant Primer and advised everyone to blend this product well.

Leo then used the newest Reboot Foundation from the brand and applied all over the model's face.  The shade was perfect and I can see from afar how the skin of the model was evened out.

Here's the best part, Leo did not only use 1 shade, he picked 3 shades - 1 for base, another 2 for  contour and highlight.  He was able to create 3 dimensional look in this early stage.

Then there's the Ultra HD Self Setting Concealer.  He did the same steps as foundation... used the correct shade to cover under circles.

A darker shade to contour and define certain areas of the model's face.  He picked Ultra HD Soft Light Liquid Highlight #30 to make the face pop!

With light, feathery strokes, he blended everything so well no demarcation marks were left.

With perfection, he sets everything with Make Up For Ever's Loose Setting Powder.

The Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder is a choice of most makeup artists as it will keep the makeup stay the whole day without changing the color of your skin!

Then he went ahead with brows!  My favorite part!  With Pro Sculpting Brow Pen, he flawlessly filled the model's brows and used a darker shade on the center of the brows down to the tail for 3D effect.

He used Brow Mascara or Brow Tinted Mascara for the last step to set everything making the brows appear fuller!

Then my heart jumped when I saw him holding my wishlist - Let's Gold Palette which housed all the right colors to create various looks.

I also like how he applied Star Dust loose powder shadow at the center of the lid making the model's eyes pop like crazy! 

He tightlined with Aqua XL Eye Pencil and lines lashes and added falsies.  The effect was just amazing!

He then contoured again using powder this time and applied blush powder.  This is a trick most Bridal Makeup Artists use to keep makeup last until makeup removal! 

He again set with a Loose Powder and the effect is still as natural as ever!  Nothing cakey or too fake-looking.  It was perfection in sight!

Leo finishes the look with an Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil, he lined the model's lips and filled it with ARtist Rougue Creme/Mat lipstick.

Thank you so much Make Up For Ever PH team for inviting me.
I went home smiling as I learned so much on ways to apply makeup even for a makeup artist like myself!

Which tip did you learned from this blog post so far?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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