Thursday, September 5, 2019

A Snippet of my Daily Life + My Energy Secret!

If you follow me on social media (especially Instagram Stories), you'll see how my day usually goes!

I send my son to school, stop over for a quick breakfast!
Guys, I love full meal for breakfast!  

a photo of HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus 7 Berries review

My morning varies, on days I have window of "Me Time", I'd go to the gym for Boxing, Muay Thai and/or Crossfit. 

On days I am needed for work, I drive all the way to Makati, BGC or Ortigas for a Photoshoot.

Meetings, or attend events!  

On days I have free time on hand, I would head back home to shoot for content!  IG Videos for makeup, skincare, hair tutorials.  I also answer queries from AMW readers!

Aside from that, I would keep myself busy with my day job - HR Consultant hear and constant calls and emails are my thing!

Then comes the time to pick up my son.... 

Teach him and help him out with assignments, do a lot of Art Activities with him as my "hyper son" needs all the attention from me!

Then that's not all, I would quickly whip up homemade dishes for the family because I want to cook healthy dishes for them!

How do I get such energy?  Why am I still smiling and happy at the end of the day?

Well, aside from me being a positive and cheerful person, I have an "aid".  I used to be dead tired by end of the day and doze off like a Grandma.

After I was introduced with this food supplement (not sponsored guys!), I never look back!  I am very consistent in taking this because I can see a HUGE difference.

a photo of HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus 7 Berries review

HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries is not just ANY food supplement.  Each capsule has phytochemicals and anti-oxidants for good healthy because it contains these super fruits ---

  1. Mangosteen - Anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrhea, Xanthones for Immune System.
  2. Grapeseed - Anti-cancer, helps heal wounds, good for osteoporosis, energy 20x more than Vit E (500mg), helps lower cholesterol and high bloog pressure.
  3. Cranberry - promotes healthy heart, good for circulatory system, immune booster 30x more than Vit C (500mg) and helps in UTI.
  4. Raspberry - good for the eyes, anti-diabetic properties, fiber for detox and good digestion.
  5. Bilberry - Anti-cancer, for better vision, anti-diabetic and supports cardio-vascular health.
  6. Hawthorn Berry - promotes healthy heart and good for circulatory system.
  7. Wolfberry - supports the immune system, has anti-inflammatory properties to help support cardio-vascular health.  Also helps improve vision-related diseases.
  8. Acai Berry - Helps boost energy, improves digestion, promotes betters sleep and improves mental focus.  Good for detoxification and helps maintain normal cholesterol level.
  9. Acerola Berries - Enhances better immune system, anti-diabetes properties, anti-inflammatory effect, anti-oxidant and rich source of Vitamin C.
I know these berries are great for the body, but who in the world can drink or intake the right amount needed to be able to see result?  And if you purchase each berry supplement, you'll end up spending more (approximately Php100 or more to get all those!)

a photo of HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus 7 Berries review

A good friend of mine Mich (hello!) told me about HealthMax Care and how much of a believer she is.  I do believe my friends but I always tell them - I'd see for myself.

I gave a couple of boxes to my parents and parents-in-law!  They took and told me they particular feel much more energy and sleep better.  

I was still a bit hesitant in writing about these because I want first-hand experience but this girl is too lazy to be consistent with her vitamins!

Then last May, after feeling tired, listless and just sickly a couple of times, I've decided to really take charge of my health!  I put the HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries box on top of my work table to remind myself to drink at least 1 tablet a day BEFORE breakfast!

Did You Know That?"For herbal supplements according to natural medicine, these natural/non-synthetic food supplements are best taken on empty stomach (or 30 minutes before breakfast).  You will be able to acquire the maximum benefits of all the berries/ingredients included in 1 capsule" - Michelle Rana 

It was the start of a great relationship between me and the brand.

First, I've noticed that I have more energy, even with all the existing activities that I've been doing per day, I noticed I still have enough energy to chat with my husband at night, play games and watch videos!  And in the morning, I wake up with more energy!  

Aside from that, I don't feel as tired and stressed as before.  I was complimented several times on and off line how happy I look and how energized I was!  (Because I really felt that way!)

And that's not all!  Everyone in the household recently caught the "bug" --- Virus!  From Kyle to Yaya then to my husband, I was the only one left standing!  I nearly got sick and I immediately took 2 capsules a day instead of 1 and my sickness didn't push through.  I am a firm believer.

And that's not ALL!  Just when I thought the benefits are good enough, I noticed that I don't need to drink pain reliever during my monthly period!  For the past years, I always depend on Ibuprofen at least 2-3 tablets per cycle!  I was in awe when I noticed how I survived the pain with minimal (tolerable) pain down to none!

Because I've been seeing results, here I am constantly taking my HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries Food Supplement.  I feel naked whenever I leave the house without taking one so I always have a box inside my bag!  I even offered them to my friends who are starting to get sick!  (Yaya can attest that as I gave her too!)

Now here's the best part, HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries costs only Php25.00 per tablet.  These are available at Mercury Drug and you can Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Instagram or visit more information. 

Feel free to contact them at 400-5266 or 0922-8026505 to know the recommended dosage for particular health concerns because the owner is a Doctor! :D

What's your energy and health secret?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Aside from your truly radiant personality is na-boost pa sya with the said tablet. Currently, I am not taking any vitamins but love the idea of more energy and most specially to sleep better since my body clock changed when I transferred to the BPO industry.

    1. wow that is so sweet of you considering I don't know you :D thank you for the compliment!

      Hay if you work in BPO industry, better take care of your health ok?


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