Sunday, September 8, 2019

Weekend Food Trip at: Black Scoop Cafe

The first time I tried Black Scoop Cafe was a Latte drink that Mr. AMW bought me after a late dinner at U.N. Avenue.  I was so into the drink I took note on the brand and thought of going back to that same branch.

Fast forward to a few weeks after, I had my usual facial at The Facial Care Centre Morato Branch, as I was leaving the building, I saw a Black Scoop Cafe branch and decided to have my usual cup of coffee!  But I was greeted with a long list of drinks instead and I ended up buying 6 Brown Sugar Lattes and made everyone at home happy!

Then when Mr. AMW and I went out on a date, I've decided to bring him back at the same Black Scoop branch and try out their food because my good friend Marj has been raving about them!

Aside from Milk Tea and Snacks, they also serve soft-served ice cream, breakfast meals, fruit tea and even hot chocolate!

So this is our order and I had to share my milk tea with Mr. AMW as I just ordered and drank 1 a day before!  This time we tried Cream Cheese Milk Tea and it tastes sinfully good!

Spaghetti Bolognese
This is very Italian style.  Has a sour kick of tomatoes minus the sweetness of most spaghetti you may have tried!  Non-Filipino flavor and this is a great spaghetti to try if you want the Italian version with a whole lot of Parmesan cheese!

Aglio Olio Spanish Sardines
A very unique taste as the Spanish sardines has a very distinct taste!  You can choose between milk or spicy and it will give that extra kick to your taste buds!  Loving this dish and will go back for this!

I love it that their serving is enough to fill you up!  I was able to eat half of the Aglio Olio and half of Bolognese!  Really nice combination I should say if you need a little break from the spice and confuse your tastebuds with different explosion of taste!

Then let's talk about Buffalo Wings (Php180.00 for 6pcs).  I mean, if you have milk tea in front of you, you need to have at least something saucy and spicy for that nice contrast!  I love how much sauce their Buffalo Wings has and it is very juicy on the inside!  I did not even use the garlic mayo dip because the wing itself has a burst of flavor!

I can't wait to go back for another round of food trip because there are so many food yet to try and discover! 

Have you dined at any Black Scoop Cafe?
Do you have a favorite dish or milk tea flavor?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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