Wednesday, October 23, 2019

My #LittleDapitan Finds Located at Ayala Cloverleaf

Who would've thought a busy mom like me were able to shop for Christmas gift giving as early as October?

FIRST TIME IN HISTORY (I would say!)  Because I am a huge crammer when it comes to Christmas Gifts Shopping.  Thankful with the grand opening of Little Dapitan located at Balintawak (a few steps away from Ayala Cloverleaf Mall), with over 20 stalls that offers unique Christmas gifts from home decors, furniture, bags, wallets, etc... at a bargain price - who can say no to that?

I know I mentioned I will write about my "finds" but guess what?  I actually rounded up everything I see that caught my attention and I think will also spark your interest because each booth offers something unique and you'll definitely find something for EVERYONE!

My eyes were fixed to all these Christmas Decors - these can be used on Christmas Trees or you can even find decors to be displayed on living room or dining area!

And for someone who loves flowers, this booth is definitely an "eyegasm".  I found myself walking back in and out of this booth because I can't decide which floral arrangement I would go for!

Don't you just love how the flowers were displayed?  Loving the fluffy white and peach flowers!

And if you wanted something "ready made", you can purchase a whole flower pot!

Since we're still on a Christmas theme, I am loving this fluffy Christmas Paroles.

And it doesn't hurt to stop by Christmas related displays!  I have a friend who creates a unique Christmas Village yearly and I immediately thought of her!  (Hi Ron!)

These would also come in handy if you would want your visitors to be greeted with Santa Claus right by the doorstep!

More festive displays!

Can you spot the Toy Soldiers?  

And if you are someone who likes everything for Display, you may find this stall really fascinating!  I took a couple of minutes appreciating the beauty of each piece.

More of these colorful vases!

And random home displays!  


And if you love your kitchen as much as I do, just like me, you'll find yourself shopping for these lovely wooden plates, chopping board and cheeseboards.

I find myself drawn to the oriental plates too!

For fashionistas who would want to support locally made products.  These Passport Holder with tribal prints look really nice and also best gift idea at an affordable price!

A couple of bags and I bought one for #yayatab as well!

And more huge furniture from chairs to tables were also displayed when I visited.  Stocks are limited so it is best to buy if something caught your attention because the price range is quite good!

These foldable tables are priced less than 1,000Php each.  The wooden boxes (3-4 layers) costs less than Php2,000!

Jay Teodoro (Estate Head of Cloverleaf and Assistant Vice President of Ayala Land)
 Cathy Bengzon  (Head of Brand and Assistant Vice President of Ayala Land)
Counselor TJ Calalay, Mona Yap of Small Business and co-operative development and promotions office
Little Dapitan opens everyday starting today from 10am to 10pm until December 2019. 
I can't wait to head back there as I'm loving the baskets I bought and I want MORE!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. We found most of our Christmas decorations there last year at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf. Let's see what we can find there to bring home this Valentine's day.


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