Saturday, December 28, 2019

Have You Met Kyle's Feet?

Funny reality: Kyle owns more pairs of shoes than his dad!  
It's cute though as he is starting to play favorites.  He knew which particular pair of shoes he will pick and it usually matches and works with the outfit he is wearing!  

I've posted a couple of his new shoes and his most recent ones are from the brand Meet My Feet Kids.  Unless you live under the rock with no internet, I'm sure you heard or seen this brand because their endorser is the cutie Scarlet Snow Belo.

I've visited Meet my Feet Kids store at Glorietta mall a couple of times and it is easy to fall in love with their pairs even if your child is a boy (which most designs are limited to just a handful as most shoe brands focus on girls!).  

It is different with this brand and thankfully, aside from the "porma" I want, the shoes are comfortable enough for Kyle to walk and run!

Do you have a favorite pair?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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