Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Centro Holistico Experience (First-Timer's POV)

For the life of me, I'd rather be in pain rather than go to a hospital or clinic!

That explains why you never see me talk about going to hospitals (for myself), I am usually there for my parents!  

Why this strong, fearless woman *ahem ME* seems to be scared to go to hospitals for check-ups?  Well, if you are a new reader you may want to backread my story on How I Almost Lost My Mom, after that, our family suffered 4-5 more years as my mom went through Clinical Depression.  

So what am I doing at Centro Holistico?  

Firstly, I am turning 41 years old this February!  *shucks*  When I started Blogging, 40 seems so far away but look at me now!

Secondly, after constant research, Centro Holistico does not feel like your regular hospitals and clinic yet they house group of medical doctors that are in the practice of Integrative Medicine.  Best of all, they don't discriminate traditional and western medicines, they just go for theories and treatments that would work for YOU.  In short, everything is personalized.

Best of all, during consultation, you feel like you're talking to a friend, not just a doctor.  They ask about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being which explains why I feel so at home right off the bat!

Let me walk you through how my consultation and first-time visit went earlier.  If you are too lazy to read, feel free to watch this short #AMWIGtv that I did.  If you have time (I hope you do) feel free to scroll further down to read about the start of my Holistic Journey.

1. Filling up forms - you get to fill up basic information about yourself and your healthy history.  Thankful that this form is short so I don't need to stress out writing so much!  None of those essay form questionnaires.

2. Blood Pressure and Weight Check.  This is the basic check you get even in hospitals.

3. Meet with the Doctor!  Dra. Candy is the doctor on-call when I visited the center.  She comes in with a positive vibe and attitude making me feel so at ease immediately.  She asks you about your health concerns and even talks to you like a long lost friend!  We hit it off immediately with some similar interests (Hello to our Salted Egg Potato Chips craze!).  But it's not just chikka, she is actually getting more information about your well-being.

4.  Live Blood Analysis - a single drop of blood is extracted and examined under the microscope and further explanations were shared!  At this stage, you are free to share your lifestyle info, your diet plans and a whole lot more! 

5. Personal Treatment Plan - based from the Live Blood Analysis, the doctor will have an idea what you need to help jumpstart your health journey!

The center offers several treatments, from Acupuncture, Colon Cleanse, IV Therapy, Energy Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Heavy Metal Detox, Ventosa and Lynphatic Dry Brush.  These treatments will be laid out to you or planned out through the weeks or months depending on your schedule.  Since my result says it all - I am extremely dehydrated and my bowel movements is not at its' best condition, I tried Colon Cleanse right away!

Obviously, I did not include this treatment in my video for obvious reasons but when I posted about the treatment I did in ONE sentence in one of my IG Stories, a lot of my IG followers were DM'ing me asking me about this treatment.  That said, there are a lot of us out there who have issues in bowel movements and worries about the pain or the embarrassment of having Colon Cleansing! 

I can walk you through the process (No Videos and Photos please LOL) if you are interested.  Holler by commenting below and I'll continue the reporting!

As of today, I am doing my best to eat healthily, drink more water and take supplements to keep my ONLY BODY in shape!  We all have just 1 body so we have to take care of it for us to be able to take care of our loved ones!

Thanks Dra. Candy 

For more information, visit

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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