Friday, March 13, 2020

The Tooth Clinic Retiro Review

My teeth color has always been on the yellowish side for so many reasons ---genetics + food + my love for Coffee and tea.

I have tried teeth whitening service once and find the effect to be quite short for the effort I've been through.  I also tried purchasing teeth whitening products which also gave me short-term effect.

Since I am on the road to HOLISTIC wellness, that explains why I go to Centro Holistico for my well being + workout + monthly facials and massage.  I knew I had to do something about my teeth so it was perfect timing when I was invited by The Tooth Clinic Retiro to visit their clinic.  The clinic is close to my son's school and gym - perfect right?

The only thing that would complete the perfection is the service of the staff and of course --- the service had to work (or be effective).

Since I recently had my teeth cleaning in a separate clinic, I've decided to give Teeth Whitening a go! 

After looking at this photo, you'll probably say "Yeah, it works" and leave this blog post.  I hope not!  Hear me out on my experience after my first visit.

I had an early schedule 10:00 at The Tooth Clinic and I met Doc Cary, prior to going to the clinic, I've done my own research and read a lot of reviews both from Facebook and Youtube Vlogs.  I've read so many raves about this kind doctor and I was able to witness it myself. 

How he arrived on time, apologized even if he wasn't even late!  He immediately asked how I was while giving greetings to customers who are walking in.  He knew the patients really well I can tell.

He asked about my Teeth concern and plan and I shared to him what my plans are for my teeth.  After a bit of chitchat, we've decided to go ahead with Teeth Whitening.

A quick video on the Teeth Whitening experience.

What to expect?
  • The Dentist will quickly brush your teeth to make sure it is clean and free from food sediments.
  • A gum protectant will be applied and "lasered".  That is the blue thing you will see on the video.
  • A teeth whitening gel is used, I was told they have different types of gel to be used depending on the requirement of the patient. 
  • The laser will take 15 minutes each round and I was given 3 rounds.  
  • The dentist will give you a "jaw break" in between which I fully appreciate. 
  • There will be an expected tingling sensation on gums or even sharp pain at some point.  This is normal and some patients would take pain reliever if they have low tolerance to pain
  • Once the dentist is happy with the "whiter" teeth, he will seal it off for the effect to last.
Because my teeth has uneven tone, Doc Cary decided to put off sealant as for this first visit, he wanted my gums and teeth to rest first and come back after 2-3 days!  Due to NCOV-19, I wasn't able to return yet but I was in constant communication with him for my next session.

As you can see on my before and after teeth shot, you can see that my teeth whitened a whole lot - approximately 2-3 shades lighter!  The effect will subside a couple of days after but I cans till see how my teeth is whiter than before.

Am I happy?
I can't wait to finish this session, have my teeth sealed and do other services to have better-looking smile!

The Tooth Clinic Retiro
Unit 2D #410 Paseo Lorenzo Building
N.S. Amoranto Q.C.
Tel numbers: 0917-1280822 / 0932-3091477 / (02) 742-6439
Instagram: @thetoothclinicretiro

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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