Monday, March 9, 2020

In Her Element Butterlips Conditioning Color Review

In Her Element, a brand spearheaded by my Beauty Blogger friend Liz Lanuzo.  I knew Liz for a decade now, we started our Beauty Blogging journey reviewing various beauty products and Liz has always been very serious with her reviews and I look up to her on how she studies each ingredient. 

I am not surprised she came up with In Her Element and her skincare products (reviews HERE).  I obviously didn't blink an eye when she expanded her brand with lipsticks! 

Introducing: In Her Element Butterlips Conditioning Color
Php345.00 each/Php875 a set 
Available at:
This formula is a balm and lipstick hybrid, delivering a juicy wash of moisturizing color on the lips.  It's designed to be comfortable and low-maintenance during the day, so that you don't need to take too much precious time retouching.

I'll leave it to Liz to understand my "dryness" issues.  A lot of lip products have been made available and most of them are so gorgeous but I couldn't wear them for a long time because of the matte finish.  Thankfully, someone came up with lip products that has the same gorgeous colors I want that are made available in matte formulation yet comfortable enough to wear even without the presence of lip balm! 

I don't know about you but I'm looking forward for more shades the brand has to offer.

Hanan, Tala and Mayari
(Natural Light)

In front of ring light

AMW Wears Mayari
Mayari is a muted clay shade with light brown undertone that flatters all skin types.

I agree in terms of flattering.  If you have dark lips like I do, the effect will be very natural and I look like I am not wearing any lipstick.  If you have lightly pigmented lips, the clay brown shade will appear more vibrant.

AMW wears Tala
Tala is a pinkish plum that creates a blooming fresh look.

Unlike most pink lipsticks that creates unnatural looking lips, I like the presence of purple undertone to this lipstick which helps make this lip color wearable even for users with light complexion.  This gives off a young vibe yet nice enough to wear even during office hours.

AMW wears Hanan
Hanan is a fun salmon pink that brightens skin instantly.

Who would've thought I'll be liking this shade a lot?  Upon swatching and looking on tube, I originally thought this to be my least favorite shade!  But the "salmon pink" shade made this lip color very unique and easy to work it!  I love how at any age, you can wear this without looking too flashy!

Please watch my video on my unboxing and First Try.

Overall, I am impressed with the consistency and texture of these lipsticks from In Her Element.  I just find them to melt a bit faster once the weather gets hotter!  Keep in mind to store these in cool, dry place and be careful whenever you put back the cap!  For a little sacrifice, I don't mind because this is one of the comfiest lip product I've worn for the past months!

Let me know which shade do you like the best!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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