Sunday, May 17, 2020

Tien Ma's and Figaro Deliver to your Doorstep!

So funny when Mother's Day weekend came, I already told my husband this ---"Hindi ako luluto ha? Magpapa-deliver ako!"  (I won't cook okay?  I will go for online food delivery service!"

I love to cook, don't get me wrong!  I love it so much I managed to survive more than 2 months of not ordering food online!  But I find myself eating less whenever I cook, call it psychological but I tend to eat less when it was me who does the cooking.  

So Mother's Day, I wanted to stuff my face with food that I really love to eat!  Sakto, a good friend of mine told me about the new ONLINE DELIVERY service Tien Ma's and Figaro offers.  It was the best news ever because these 2 are my favorite restaurants!  

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivery service

The Figaro Group has created an online delivery service for both Figaro Coffee products and TienMa's Taiwanese Cuisine (frozen/ pre-cooked meals) so you can order in one website  to consolidate all your orders! 

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivery service

 As easy as that, I got all my orders sent right at my doorstep and they are packed really well!  

Here are my favorites from Tien Ma's.

a photo of  Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivers

Asado Siopao (2pcs/order) 
You only need to steam these and they are super yummy!

A photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivers

Lucky Spareribs
I usually steer clear from spareribs in Chinese restaurnats because they are usually "bone-y".  I want my meat and I got them from Tien Ma's!  The beef is super tender and flavorful.

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivers

Handmade Pork and Kuchay Dumplings
These dumplings are freshly made!  I can tell because I've dined in their restaurants so many times and they literally "wrap" or make the dumplings upon ordering!  You get a fried version of this and all you need to do is "re-fry" them before you devour them!

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivers

Stir-Fried Beef with Broccoli
Another win-win dish!  Why?  You get beef and fresh veggies!  Even Kyle enjoyed the crunchy taste of the fresh veggies!

Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivers

Sweet and Sour Pork
A perfect sweet and sour taste in a dish! When you order large, you get 2 of these, I immediately shared the other half  to our frontliners here at home and they enjoyed it a lot!

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivers

And what's even exciting for me is the Php100.00 meal offers from Figaro!  With a good amount of rice and dishes, anyone eating this will be FULL in no time!  

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivers

For reference, just in case you don't believe me!

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivery service

Best of all, for someone who is craving for breads this Lockdown season, I am so happy you can also order breads and pastries from Figaro!  

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivers

Overall, I am so happy restaurants like The Figaro Group are making the lives of the Filipinos easier in so many ways!  I can easily treat my family without having me to travel to a restaurant then to their house!  I can also easily feed frontliners with their inexpensive Php100.00 meals that tastes so good and healthy! 

To cater to the needs of all Filipinos during these unsettling times, The Figaro
Group are offering products for delivery. That means you can cnsolidate your orders from Figaro Coffee and TienMa’s Taiwanese Cuisine at our website: and have them delivered to your home during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

a photo of Tien Ma's and Figaro Delivery service

Have you tried ordering food online?
Do you have other online restaurants delivery service you may want to share?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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