Monday, June 15, 2020

Not Your Usual Work From Home Make Up Look

Not Your Usual Work From Home Make Up Look

Dear AMW Friends, 
I got sick for a WHOLE week with cough and colds.  Can you imagine how scared I was?  (Gosh, I hate COVID-19)!

So back to my sickness, I was more worried about Kyle as he got sick first before I did!  I was praying so hard not one of us will get fever as I'll definitely go crazy!  Thank God my prayers worked and obviously, I am back at my feet to be able to create this makeup tutorial!

With a noisy 7-year old on the side "shhh-ing" him in between my makeup application, this came out okay!  Well, I'm kind of proud with how I look so I did a lot of selfies! :P  

So yes, I would TOTALLY appreciate it if you would read this post and appreciate it at least?  

TIME CHECK 1:22am, that's me...happily typing at wee hours of the night because this is my only quiet time.  Sorry son, I love you but you are a bit too clingy :P

As opposed to my usual - simple makeup look to enhance one's beauty.  I created a more defined, a bit darker makeup look because I think there are days or times we really want to look more made-up!  A look that would register well on both photos and videos - very HD-like!

Not Your Usual Work From Home Make Up Look

I have hooded lids on one side of my eye and another one just alright, this is, by far, the best make up technique you can try if you are just starting out!  You won't make so much mistake with "cut the crease" or even finding your crease!  

You'll get there, practice practice practice!  I obviously wanted to play with make up even as a Professional Make Up Artist - I don't want to lose my touch! 

Not Your Usual Work From Home Make Up Look

And it doesn't hurt to doll up yourself once in a while and take loads of photos --- at 41, this is how I look Nikki, I may have to look back several years from now and say - hey.... Corona Virus ain't no impact on me :P  (Obviously it did!  But my face shouldn't show it!)

Not Your Usual Work From Home Make Up Look

So I am talking too much again, here's a quick 5-6 minutes video showing you how I created this look, will list down the products I used below!  Enjoy watching!

Products used:
  1. MAC Cream COlor Base in Shell
  2. Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit Shade 02
  3. Bobbi Brown Makeup Palette
  4. ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Goodbye Butterfly
  5. Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner in Black Ink
  6. Tom Ford Traceless Touch Foundation in shade Fawn
  7. Ellana Loose Powder in French Vanilla
  8. Benefit Precisely, My Brow Shade 4
  9. Cathy Doll Malibu Sunset Blusher in Winter
  10. Claudia Schiffer Mascara
  11. K-Palette Lasting Matte Lip Tint Shade 3

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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