Monday, July 20, 2020

Style Series: Bright Colored High-Low Top

This COVID season with a lot of us staying at home for work!  Dressing up is actually the LAST thing on your mind - trust me, I know as there were days I'm in my pajamas for the whole day!  

So why am I even dressing up?  Not because I want to, I just had to!  I have a couple of meetings the past weeks so I've decided to dress up not only on top but made it a complete OOTD thing.  Because seriously, I felt much better dressing up on some days.

Style Series: Bright Colored High-Low Top

Shopping for clothes is one of my favorite past time, I don't discriminate on clothing brand, I wear clothes from different price range as long as I know the style fits my body shape!  I remembered purchasing this top on a sale at SM Women section and I was thinking: "What the hell am I doing showing off my bulging tummy?"

Well, I don't have to!  I only need to pair this with a high waisted shorts or pants!  This works well white or light gray bottoms!  

Style Series: Bright Colored High-Low Top

This outfit is indeed breezy on a hot day!  So I actually survived wearing this even after the Zoom meeting!  

Style Series: Bright Colored High-Low Top

What's your style at home?  
Shorts and T-shirts are welcomed of course!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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