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BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

If you own one FOREO product, you'd want a second or even third unit!  After using UFO by FOREO and seeing results in less than a month's usage, I have high hopes on this next beauty helper!

As FOREO would say: "BEAR - the skincare that works out so you don't have to."
Also quoted as "The Most Electrifying Facial Fitness Innovation Ever!"  

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

BEAR is a device that features superior microcurrent and T-Sonic™ pulsations that tighten & firm your skin for a youthful, contoured complexion. BEAR™ & BEAR™ mini are also the only at-home microcurrent devices that feature Anti-Shock System™ - a unique integrated system that eliminates any chance of the microcurrent shocking your skin - making them the safest microcurrent devices in the world! And that’s not all - BEAR™ offers more microcurrent intensities than any other at-home device, allowing you to experience a more personalized and effective treatment.    
With that in mind, I am more comfortable and confident in using such device so I added the device into my FOREO app immediately and started the program for the past 2 weeks.

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

With this device, you also need to use a serum (any serum that is gel-like never oil-based) or best to start with FOREO's Serum Serum Serum which is a Conductive Serum.

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

Here's how I use my Bear:

I start by turning on device, connecting it to my FOREO app.

  1. BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

Making sure to always start with clean, dry skin and apply a good amount of FOREO Serum Serum Serum all over face including neck. My best bet is around 2-3 pumps!

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

At first, I find myself peeking through the app following instructions.  But after doing so nightly, you'll know the routine and I actually find myself relaxing doing all sorts strokes and movements.

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

These are just some of my favorite key areas that the BEAR covers - my jawline, forehead, 

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

And neck!

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

Does this work?  Is this device worth the hype?  Here's what I have to say after using this device consistently once or twice a day after 2 full weeks!

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

Firstly, let's talk about the look, I like the cute idea of a device that has 2 cute ears that looks like a BEAR, moving aesthetics aside, the 2 spheres (or ears) are ergonomically shaped to fit facial cares!  It moves effortless on my jawline, cheeks, neck and forehead with no "ouch" in between.

I also enjoy the curves of the body, I did 't have a hard time holding it or even dropping it between treatments as compared to other facial devices I've tried.

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

What to expect on first touch?
I started with the lowest setting because I have sensitive skin and I have never tried facial services that uses microcurrent (even professionally).  Giving my skin (and myself) time to adjust, I picked setting "5".

What is microcurrent and what it does for our skin?

Microcurrent technology is used to help tone, tighten and firm up the skin which is very important for me since I am already in my 40s.  It also helps sculpt, contour the face in the long run and gives off a radiant complexion.

Aside from microcurrent, BEAR also have the T-sonic pulsations which I am used to because this feature is present in my UFO!  This feature is my favorite as it relaxes me (especially at night) and it will help enhance product absorption which is perfect to use before I apply my moisturizer!

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

Same as UFO, I felt the treatment to be too short for my liking.  I know!  For someone who complains about time, I actually look forward to a longer treatment especially at night before I go to sleep!  So I always continue or repeat the treatment.

On first use, I don't feel a thing or any drastic change, what I noticed is how my night cream seems to absorb faster and better.  Thinking it could be psychological, I continued BEAR for the next days and noticed how I wake up with better complexion.  Better in a sense that I can take photos/selfies without makeup on or even powder and I can see the glow.

For someone who works out for YEARS, I always have this loose skin around my chin area so I'm not sure if BEAR actually helped in tightening the area, I can see it on photos that my face is actually slimmer? (again, I could be wrong but I will keep on using it to know if this is the cause of BEAR).

BEAR by FOREO Sweden Review

I know there is no instant way to look younger but I believe in using devices that would aid or delay aging.  Since BEAR can help tone my skin and give an instant glow, I believe those 2 are already enough to jump-start my "Forever-Looking-Young" dream.  I am looking forward to a more defined facial feature or tightened skin.

To be honest, I am not expecting quick results as I am still using Level 3 or 4 because I am so scared of the microcurrent.  If like me, don't rush, don't force yourself to go to the highest level at once as your comfort will always be number one priority.  I take things slow, adjust to my level of comfort and will slowly increase intensity once I am getting used to the feel.

As for now, I am super enjoying the massage I get at the comfort of my home, especially these times where going out is quite a scare due to COVID-19.  There are times between the day I feel stressed, I would pick this up (and not turn it on) and use the "BEAR ears" in massaging my temple, the eye area and I would feel instant relief.  

For someone who prefers to stay home, save up money in the long run, go ahead and invest on BEAR by FOREO. 

Purchase your own Workout for the Face HERE.

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