Friday, September 25, 2020

Long-Lasting Gradient Lips Tutorial


 At some point in our  makeup application, we have tried gradient lips after seeing how gorgeous they look on K-Drama actresses.

I am definitely one of those!  But after going through various application techniques, I can't seem to create a similar one like those on K-Dramas!  Mine would look great after application but blotchy after an hour or so!  It is because I have extremely dry lips and I ended up licking my lips or lot or applying lip balm in between multiple times making my gradient lipstick effect slide down the drain!

 After several tries, I finally created one that lasts longer, looks good and non-blotchy and I can finally say, long-lasting!


Long-Lasting Gradient Lips Tutorial

You don't need to use the same products I used but the same layering of products could be the same!

Long-Lasting Gradient Lips Tutorial


Please watch my quick video to know how this is done!

 How do you like this effect so far?
Do you have other tips you may want to share?


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  1. I like to call this "I just ate lipss candy" look. So youthful and hassle free <3


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