Sunday, October 4, 2020

Kumori x Theo & Philo Signature S'mores Tarts


Introducing, a collaboration between my favorite Japanese Bakery Kumori and Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates, they merged their specialty into melt-in-your-mouth Signature S'mores Tarts.

These tarts are crunchy tart shells filled with 65% dark chocolate ganache topped with torched whipped marshmallow frostings.

I personally do not like marshmallows so I don't have any expectation from this dessert.  But it was love at first bite.  I believe Kumori when the brand says #BiteIntoClouds because it felt like it.  I was surprised a finished a cup of tart immediately and it tastes even better (IMHO) when chilled!

You may order yours via Kumori Delivery Apps at Grabfood, Lalafood, Metromart or Foodpanda!

What's your favorite Kumori dessert?

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