Friday, October 2, 2020

Safe Brightening Skincare Products?


I'm not sure about you but if you read through my blog, you'll see that I don't use a lot of whitening products.  I started using whitening products for their "brightening" properties and how they have the ability to even out my skin.  I started using such products when companies are making less irritating ones with milder ingredients.  

Of course, I make it a point to slather on sunblock (on both face and body) when I started using such products.

During quarantine, I am more comfortable using these products because I am staying and working from home 98% of the time!  

Derma-C by Poten-Cee.  This skincare brand started with vitamins and I have been taking their vitamins for quite some time.  I am a bit surprised when they came up with their own face masks which I actually tried and liked!  They are not the super hydrating type as they cater mostly to Filipinas with oily skin but these masks aren't drying so I find it nice to include in my face mask stash and use it at least once a week or once every 2 weeks.  

Then their newer product alled Derma-C by Poten-Cee Vitamin C + Collagen Brightening Soap Bar came along and I actually finished 2 bars and didn't see A HUGE difference (which is honestly okay for me as I don't like the stripping kind of soaps!)  This is a gentler, milder version and I like the extra +collagen that came with this bar soap!  This smells good, non-drying and so far, no allergic reactions to be reported.  These are the type of skincare products that can be used by all skintypes and you really need to take time to see obvious results!  

Derma-C by Poten-Cee

Next, I was sent a stash of Organic Skin products and I used the Anti-Aging Whitening Whip Soap immediately.  These are all natural and are known to be expertly formulated by Japan (as they stated in their Instagram account).  Good news to those who likes to try Halal certified beauty products as these fit the bill and are cruelty-free and FDA-approved.

I am drawn to try their whip soap as I love the foamy texture of using such whenever I take a shower.  It felt luxurious and non-drying as opposed to the other brands I've tried.  And I like the fact that there are no oil-stripping ingredients thus my skin doesn't feel dry and tight after shower.  Thankfully, they also have other variants as there will never be a ONE PRODUCT Fits for all type of skincare!

Organic Skin Product review

I have given the rest of the skincare products to my mom-in-law as she finishes up skincare faster than I do and so far she is happily using them with no complaints.

Have you tried any of the 2 brands mentioned?
I hailed these safe brightening skincare products for the fact that I tested some of the products and foun NO allergic reactions whatsoever.  Keep in mind that we have different skin types and we may react to ingredients differently so always do a patch test if you are trying out new products (especially skincare!).

Do you want to add some brands on this list?
I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Wait, may skincare line na ang Poten-Cee?

  2. i want to use the Organic Skin especially their whip soap.


  3. agree on using whitening products more on for "brightening"- remove or lessen scar marks, revive dull skin and for me I want pantay na skin color


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