Thursday, October 1, 2020

Style Series: Work from home, Workout from home


The first few months of lockdown, I got so much time on my hands!  I honestly was staring in blank space (literally) and counting the hours how time flew by extremely slow.  I even got the chance to workout for an hour or more and change into my cute gym clothes.

On second wave of lockdown/quarantine, especially when Kyle goes back to online school, I find myself always on a run!  I don't have enough time to sit down for a breather..worst...I only get to drink my coffee standing up (which is an ultimate shocker since I love to take my time when it comes to coffee!)

Stay from home OOTD you say?

I am purchasing comfortable tank tops (with bra pads so I can go bra-less) TMI (I know!)  and comfy shorts that are okay enough to wear as loungewear and won't be a hassle when I suddenly do lunges in between tasks!

Yes, that's me!  I have to admit, there were days I just lay down on the sofa and take a quick cat nap but there are days I am dragging my big ass to do some sit ups, arms and leg workouts well-spread throughout the weak!  Yes spread out as I can only give at least 15-20 minutes of my time for these.

Top: Forever21 Workout Top
Shorts: From Trendsetters

workout from home

I missed the active boxing days, I missed going to the gym and talk to someone while I punch - but hey, we make do what we can.  We stay positive and try to incorporate normal activities even if it is more challenging than usual.  At the end of the day, a bit of movement or exercise will still up that happy hormones!  I know because I crave for that!

What's your loungewear nowadays?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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