Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Kurin All-Purpose Spray review


How can water clean?  I mean on its' own?  Without soap?

Those were the exact words on my mind when I saw Kurin All-Purpose Spray kept on popping on my social media feeds when most of my peers would clean their jewelries/accessories/watches with this simple All-Purpose Spray!  NOTHING ELSE!

As I was browsing through Mommy Mundo Shop one day, I've decided to purchase all the bottles left from their store (don't worry, Kurin online store still offers these!)

Kurin Water All-Purpose Spray review

Kurin All-Purpose Spray says ---

Your all around, all effective, cleaner, degreaser, sanitizer, and deodoriser. Get the cleaning down without the harmful chemicals.  Used for table top, gadget screen, glass, toys, jewelry and more.  Size: 500 ml with nozzle sprayer 

I went straight to the point, no hocus-pocus, no camera tricks!  I just grabbed my accessories which I haven't gotten to wear or clean for the past months (since COVID started!)  

 Just so you know, don't expect a super dirty water because I usually clean my accessories!

Kurin Water All-Purpose Spray review

But truthfully, I was still at awe when I saw how it magically cleaned my accessories without me having to wipe each one of them.  All I have to do is to dip it on Kurin All-Purpose Spray and leave it for a minute, shake it for a bit and remove each accessory and wipe off excess water! 

Feel free to click the photo and zoom in, there are indeed dirt particles floating!

Kurin Water All-Purpose Spray review

My accessories definitely look good as new so I was inspired to re-arrange my earrings collection as well and will look into jewelry organizers!  Do you have recommendations for that?

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  1. Nakakatuwa ang kurin when i tried it. Na amaze ako sa paglinis nya dun sa ring ko nun


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