Thursday, October 15, 2020

How to Trim, Cut and Layer Your Hair At Home


It is VERY difficult to cut your own hair even for someone who has haircutting background.  I am in no way a Professional Haircutter but I student haircutting basic a few years back (more than 10 years ago before I studied makeup artistry).  

I originally thought I wasted my time and money but who would have thought a decade after I would put this learnings in good use?

Since COVID-19 happened, I have been cutting my husband's and son's hair since March 2020.  After months of feeling irritated with my dry ends, I have decided to cut my own hair and take a video doing it so you guys can check it out if I can manage to do so.  

I've done a poll and a lot of my #AMWFriends suggested to have my hair cut short but I am honestly enjoying my long hairstyle because I can do a lot of hairstyling practice from updo styles to curling!  I have no one to practice with so I may as well use my own hair! 

Fast forward to my decision to trim and fix the layers of my hair, I have also shared some basic layering tips at the start of the video!  Feel free to watch the basic rules and skip the rest if you are too lazy to watch! But at least, watch the first few minutes because that is where I gave the basic knowledge on layering!  

I know a lot of you are shaking your head saying : "I am NO professional!  I cannot do it!" 

There's no forcing there, you may still go out to a salon and have your hair cut by a professional, it is less stressful that way but I wanted to stay at home, lessen the chances of exposure to the virus plus, I am actually intrigued to know if I can actually do this!  I mean, I was born with a sponge - I just want to keep on learning! 

Without further's my first haircut to myself and I think I've done a good job!  What do you think?

a photo on How to Trim, Cut and Layer Your Hair At Home

Here's the quick video!  Happy Learning!

If you have done your own haircut (or your family's) using this video! I would really appreciate it if you let me know! :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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