Saturday, October 17, 2020

Unang Hirit Guesting Hair, Makeup And OOTD


I've guested at Unang Hirit, a Philippine Television News Broadcasting and Talk Show, twice in the past and I was surprised to get another call and I nearly said NO as I originally thought I need to go to their studio.  Thankfully, it was just a ZOOM guesting so I said yes.

What was my role?
A shopping expert!  I was asked to share some tips on items to buy when people head back for travel (long or short haul) after the lockdown or when all of this is over.  I mean, we need to prepare right?  We do not get to leave NOW but we need to start shopping for essentials to prepare us for what will happen soon!

Because it was an early call time, I've decided to create this simple look that I did for less than 10 minutes! 

Unang Hirit Guesting Hair, Makeup And OOTD

Yes, if you know your face pretty well, you'll know what to do even at wee hours of the day!  Since I knew it will be on TV, I did a lot of concealing (hello eyebags!)  and a whole lot of hydration.  I hydrated my skin with heavy moisturizer before applying a tinted moisturizer.  Yes, I used tinted then cover some areas with a concealer.

I created fuller brows and did subtle contouring and loads of highlighting to divert attention from my very tired eyes!

As for makeup, I just used a contour powder as an eyeshadow and applyed simple eyeliner minus the exaggerated wing!  Because my makeup or face isn't the focus in this guesting, I want people to focus on what I have to say or the tips I plan to share.

Unang Hirit Guesting Hair, Makeup And OOTD

As for my outfit, I knew it will just be a half body shoot but I dressed up anyways, or DOWN?  I was asked to wear neutral colored clothes minus loud brand names so I went for Uniqlo top and a skort so I can still move around and go ahead doing Mom-chores after this TV guesting.  

Unang Hirit Guesting Hair, Makeup And OOTD

How do you think I look?

Thanks Unang Hirit for inviting me.  I had fun!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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