Sunday, October 18, 2020

Weekend Food Delivery from Pizza Pizza


"The Official Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza Always and Forever."

Does that sound like the best pick-up line food edition EVER?

That's the promise of my good friend's business called Pizza Pizza PH.  Ang sabi nga nila: "Bakit isa lang?  Eh kung pwede namang dalawa ang _____?"  A choice between Jowa (BF) and Pizza!  I'd go for the latter as I already found my forever in Mr. AMW (naks!)

a Photo of Pizza Pizza PH Food Deliver

Straight from their kitchen in San Juan, I got 2 Pizza flavors delivered straight to my doorstep.  Pizza Pizza PH All Meat and Chicken Pesto.  I was leaning on All Meat as I have never been a fan of Pesto dishes!  But after trying out both, it was a surprise for me to lean on Chicken Pesto because it is extremely delicious in so many ways --- you eat chunks of chicken a perfect balance of pesto, a huge slice of tomatoes in each triangle and a whole lot of flavors going on in there minus the oil!  It just felt right taking each bite without the guilt!

A photo of a Photo of Pizza Pizza PH Food Delivery Chicken Pesto and All Meat

Of course, All Meat Pizza didn't fail!  It was the normal All Meat pizza so I didn't really put it on spotlight!  What I wanted to say is it has a good amount of serving - I previously ordered a much more expensive pizza that weekend and that paled to Pizza Pizza in comparison in terms of ingredients and pizza crust!  This is your ultimate Brick Oven Pizza baby!

A photo of a Photo of Pizza Pizza PH Food Delivery Chicken Pesto and All Meat

Pizza Pizza PH offers various flavors BUY ONE TAKE ONE for the price of Php499.00!  I tell you, the price shocked me because it tastes expensive at an affordable price!

Other flavors I will try: Supervisor's Delight, Hawaiian, Veggie, Chicken BBQ, Pepperoni, Nacho, Shawarma, Cheese Lover and Carbonara.

The husband wanted to try Shawarma and I am eyeing on Cheese Lover.  Not worrying because we don't need to fight!  

a Photo of Pizza Pizza Food Deliver

Overall, this is a great pizza for random pizza cravings!  You don't have to worry about storing them in the fridge because you can always reheat it in the oven or in pan and you get the same taste and quality good as freshly made!

For more information visit and follow them on Instagram.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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