Thursday, October 29, 2020

Style Series: Little Blue Dress + Personal Thoughts


When quarantine kicked in early this year, I was at a lost but I need to feel better about myself after months and months of wearing huge T-shirt and shorts!  I knew I had to dress up, apply makeup and do my hair at one time just to feel good.

This photo was taken for the record, the time I was smiling on the outside but dead worried on the inside.  

I lost a couple of jobs and my son was crying random days because he misses his family, the mall and random short trips to Tagaytay.

Style series work from home little blue dress

Looking back, I am glad I continued with Blog and Social Media.  A lot would probably say: "Just stop it!" "You are so insensitive for posting superficial content."

Thankfully, it was all in my head, nobody judged my postings but instead, I got to speak and meet more people online.  Fellow moms, fellow workers, fellow daughters who are going through this hardship the same way I did!  

I am here to say, I am glad I stayed true to who I am and never strayed.

TO YOU who are still here visiting and reading this, THANK YOU.  I am seriously grateful to have confidant in you guys.  The fact that there are still people reading my grammatically challenged posts (as I never reread, I just pour my heart out and click PUBLISH).  Thank you for being kind to me.  Thank you for being nice.  And most of all?  Thanks for fighting as well, we are all fighters and are survivors!

God bless you guys, I just want to insert a personal message here on my superficial post because this photo made me feel good!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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