Thursday, November 19, 2020

Ecotools Now in the Philippines


If you are a long time AMW reader, you would know I joined a couple of online international giveaways at some point in my life as there are so many brands I wanted to try, test and own but they are not available locally.  One of the brand is a brush brand called Ecotools.  

The first Ecotools brush set I own was year 2009 and would you believe they are still working fine after 11 long years?

Then I purchased another one from an international site and loved my Ecotools Bamboo Eyeliner Brush.  It was really the earthy tone, bamboo handle that sets the brand to where it is now.

Fast forward to several years after, FINALLY, they are widely available in the Philippines and I can't help but reminisce through my blogging journey, how I went high and low just to get a product and try them out and write a detailed review for you!

See that "kilig" happy smile?  That is legit!  I still felt the excitement up until this very day - a decade plus of Blogging!

Ecotools Now in the Philippines

With the pandemic, I am glad the brand launched not only physically but digitally.  Widely available in SM stores, they are also easy to purchase at Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, BeautyMNL, Beauty by freyja, Kalm Cosmetics, Beauty Bubble and Watsons.

To start off let me share to you my newly acquired Ecotools brushes.  And there's more!

Check out the Jade Roller!  This is amazing in amplifying your skincare routine!  Does it work?  Well, to shorten my answer, it really does!  But you have to really be consistent about it gently! 

Ecotools Now in the Philippines

If you want a good eye makeup brushes to create nice looking eye makeup, go for Ecotools 1217 Eye Enhancing Duo Make Up Brush Set.  You are technically paying for 2 brushes but you get 4 brush heads to help define, blend, smudge and just blur out your eyeshadow application!  The bristles are extremely soft and because they are synthetic hair, you can use it both wet or dry application!

If like me, you wear more base makeup than eyeshadow, please invest on Ecotools 1290 Complexion Buffer Make Up Blending Brush.  This works so well on both pressed and loose powdered makeup.  Best of all, you can use this same brush to apply your sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, foundation or concealer!  I also use this same brush to apply blush, contour, highlight powder/cream/liquids.  Basta, most sulit brush ever!

Ecotools Now in the Philippines

And just so you know, these are all cruelty-free brushes so you save the animals, environment and you look beautiful while at it!

Do you currently own an Ecotools Brush?
Do you like this brand?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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