Saturday, November 28, 2020

Pure Beauty Collagen Review


For someone who writes so much into beauty.  You would be surprised to know that I only recently welcome supplements like Collagen and Glutathione.  

For some reason, I am scared to "change whatever works for me" which is funny because as a beauty/product review, I am required to test all these new stuff.

But I said NO so many times until lockdown.  After taking in more health supplements, I honestly saw some positive effects on doing so, so I explored on beauty-related supplements which did not fail me by the way!

Pure Beauty Collagen Drink Review

Let's talk about Collagen.  Are collagen drinks really effective?  What are the benefits?

Based from research, you can see some common keywords:

  1. Can improve skin's health,
  2. Increase collagen for the skin.
  3. Help relieve joint pain, boost muscle mass and prevent bone loss.
  4. Can help improve skin texture.
And so much more!

Rule of thumb, never take supplements for instant result!  I for once have this "patience" in waiting for result thus I find myself staying on the safe side!  There are some instant results that could be harmful for your health but of course, everything depends on you, and if unsure, always check with a doctor.

One thing for sure, we have been seeing the term "Collagen" in so many beauty products nowadays.  Collagen is a protein that keeps your tissues and bones together thus prevent "Sagging".  If you ask me if this can reverse aging, well, keep in mind that you have to consider many factors such as - genetics, environment, stress, and a whole lot more!  

Taking collagen drinks or collagen infused skincare products may help give better elasticity and bounce for your skin thus slowing down the aging process but you have to consider about your diet as well!

Pure Beauty Advanced Collagen with Probiotics Beauty Repair Drink
2500 per box (10bottles total of 1Liter)
Dosage: 1bottle every other night

Pure Beauty Collagen Review

So recently, I actively drank Pure Beauty Collagen with Probiotics drink and it was the first brand I went serious with.  Serious meaning I took it regularly and I am finally understanding the craze!

I finished a box of 10 drink recently and I am surprised to see results!  Results that aren't too obvious but I know my skin/body well so I know it worked!  

AMW says ---
  • Tastes good.  Best drank straight from fridge.
  • Skin looks glowing.
  • Skin is never dry even if I don't use lotions.
  • My fingers do not have as much pain compared to pre-drinking.  I have issues with my fingers ever since I gave birth and I think the Pure Beauty Collagen drink helped.
  • Everyone noticed my I look fresher.
  • The presence of Probiotics helped my regular upset tummy!  I have better digestion and better bowel movement (sorry TMI) 
Overall, I am welcoming the presence of Collagen supplements and drinks in my life.  I just have to be careful in choosing the brand but so far, Pure Beauty Collagen from Japan worked for me.

Do you take Collagen drinks or supplements?
What other good brands can you recommend?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wala ba side effect like antukin.. increase appetite.. uhawin.hilo ot headache

  2. Is it safe with acid reflux or GERD?

  3. FDA approved po ba ito? Want to try this po kasi.

  4. Hi! Is this lactose or dairy free?


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