Friday, December 18, 2020

My Work From Home Setup


When lockdown started last March, I was at a lost!  I was left without a househelp (she got pregnant and gave birth) and my son suddenly had to prepare for online schooling so I was busy preparing his “study area”.  

That said, my work laptop was set up for my son’s Zoom class.  I have a desktop in my home office but I find it really hard to juggle mom task, house work, and work at the same time.  It was indeed difficult to be always on-the-go so my work slowed down so much from March-September.

Then I realized, I have to get used to this situation, COVID-19 stays so whether I like it or not, I have to stand up and do something, get my life back to the organized self!

While assisting my son during online school the whole morning, I sat beside him working on my iPhone 11 Pro Max.  It was big enough for me (in my own world LOL), and I’ve been creating blog posts, answering email and even edit videos using my trustee handphone.

Comes August, my husband has been telling me he wanted to purchase me an iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inches so my eyes won’t suffer.  I brushed off the idea because I don’t want to spend extra during pandemic.  I also felt the phone is enough since I seldom stay put! 

It was a bit hard and challenging to purchase expensive gadgets online, thankfully, because of Tiktok!  (YES TIKTOK) I found a legit online shop and little did I know, the husband ordered from them na!  So after using this for almost a month, I can say this was the “Thing that I thought I do not need but SUPER need!”

This is my official work set up, but technically, I hold both Bluetooth/wireless keyboard and my iPad Pro 12.9  wherever I go and I can work in the study area of my son, play area when he plays, dining area - as I wait for the dishes to be cooked, etc...

I definitely work smarter and faster!  The Logitech Wireless and bluetooth keyboard is a perfect match as well!

That’s me holding onto my dear work life! 

Thanks technology!  

How have you been holding up?  What is your current work from home situation?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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