Monday, December 7, 2020

NARS Air Matte Lip Colors Review


Air Matte .... do they really feel like air?

Who would’ve thought there is such product?  Nars recently launched their Air Matte Lip Colors.  These are liquid lipstick with light texture as if “kissed by the air”.  According to brand, it is soft like cushion and light like a feather giving you soft matte lips.  

Perfect sounding right?  But what if someone has my type of lips that seems to have a mind of its’ own?  

So I was able to test these 2 shades for a week plus and here’s what I have to say.

A photo of NARS Air Matte Lip Colors Review

Left: Swag

Right: Knockout

Swag has a brown tone to it while Knockout has a bright red orange shade!

A swatch photo of NARS Air Matte Lip Colors Review

Let’s first talk about the packaging, the packaging is quite cute and easy to spot!  I do not need to look at the shade names but just look at the packaging as it is close to the lip color itself!  It comes with a squeezable tube making it easy to apply directly on lips or in my case, I prefer to define my lips with a lip brush.

Texture wise, it is indeed very soft and does not feel like a matte lip product upon application.  It never made my lips feel tight and I was surprised that it did not settle on lip lines especially since my lips has a lot of those!

The pigmentation is super good, you get true color on a single swipe.  How about transfer proof?  It does transfer but on a minimal level!  When I wear face mask, I can still see a bit of transfer but thankfully, it did not smudge on my entire face - which is good news! (Imagine removing mask seeing all that smeared lipcolor? #runs )

Thankfully these are easy to remove so I don’t have to worry about rubbing my lips hard or use a special makeup remover!  I can just use wet wipes and I can easily call it a day!

AMW wears Knockout

NARS Air Matte Lip Colors Review

AMW wears Swag
NARS Air Matte Lip Colors Review

AMW wears Combination of Swag and Knockout
This combo is actually my favorite shade!  I like the packaging because I can easily mix and match various shades!  Imagine buying just 2 and having unlimited lip color?  I mean you can use 10% of Knockout and 90% Swag and vice versa, you’ll get a different shade each time!

A photo of NARS Air Matte Lip Colors Review

Do check out my first try video!  

Which among the 3 shades I wore is your favorite?

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Keep smilin'.        

Stay Happy!

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