Thursday, December 10, 2020

Dressing Up #NewNormal Way


Since March, I haven’t gone out of my comfort zone.  Meaning, I have been out to visit my parents’ home but that’s just it!  I never even left for grocery shopping - they’re all done online!  

But just this month, I’ve got 2 important client meetings and I was required to be there physically.  I honestly would choose to stay home but there are things I got to do and all I need to do is protect myself as much as I can.

As I stated over my #AMWIGstories (please follow me if you haven’t!)  I have shared the usual tips like wearing face masks and face shield, wearing no accessories as much as possible (or the least if needed like watch or wedding band), bring alcohol, extra bag to store extra clothing (will explain that later) and constantly wash hands if given the opportunity.

On fashion side, I prefer to wear one piece clothing like a dress, a romper, a maxi dress so it will be easier for me to remove my clothing before entering key areas of home!  

Since this tip is a bit tricky, I can’t go all out naked at the garage or outside our home right?  So I have extra tip that could be helpful to you too!

Dressing Up New Normal Way to Keep Safe

You can opt to wear PPE or you may, like me, invest on long-sleeved trench coats that have thin fabrics (hello hot Philippines!).  Since most of my meetings are held in offices or restaurants, they are air-conditioned so I am ok to wear such!  

This coat is from Vero Moda, I bought this online via Lazada and they have a lot of outerwear pieces that are on sale or are priced really low!  They also have a lot of color options and I assure you that their quality is really good - I bought 3 coats and a lot of shirts from them!  

This exact coat is not available anymore but will LINK YOU to the closest.

Dressing Up New Normal Way to Keep Safe

I like the design and the color because this can work on important business settings and can also work as a protection. 

Dressing Up New Normal Way to Keep Safe

I have to admit, if there’s no air conditioner, it gets a bit hot, but for protector, I wouldn’t mind wearing such.  You only have to wear cotton clothing inside and sleeveless number (just like what I did) .

Dressing Up New Normal Way to Keep Safe

How do you like my get up?

Have you heard about the brand Vero Moda?

Have you shopped for outer wear like these just for COVID-19 related protection?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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