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Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen Review


Hi AMW Friends.  I have been in very good relationship with Benefit Cosmetics as a brand even way before they arrived in the Philippines.  I remembered purchasing from online shops Benefit Box O’ Powders to Concealers and finally brow products when they were readily available locally.

Aside from great packaging and cute concepts, I can say, I love most of their product releases.  There are a few that I can let go - just because they don’t work for my skin type, but I heavily rely on professionally (referring to Benefit’s POREfessional!).

But one product line from the brand I heavily rely on for personal use are their brow products.  I memorize all Benefit Brow products like the back of my hand!  I know every single releases and I know exactly how to use them even with my eyes close - nah, I am just exaggerating :P  

Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen Review

You are probably saying: “What?? Another release?  I have so many brow products I don’t need another one!”


TRUE, if your current brow set works just as fine.
FALSE, if you are currently using one but wanted something more!

Just like me, I can never use 1 brow product and say it is enough!  I have to use at least 2, sometimes 3!  And the new Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen is really part of my makeup essentials!  (My brow gap says so!)

Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen Review

Benefit says —-

The microbladed look made easy! Brow Microfilling Pen creates the illusion of natural brow hair with 3 ultra-fine lines in a single stroke. It's designed to blend in with existing hairs, fill in gaps AND make brows appear where before there were none. The easy-to-apply formula of this brow pen looks natural and is waterproof*, smudge-proof and longwearing, creating a microbladed effect that lasts for 24 hours*. No pain, no commitment, just great brows!

  • Creates a 24-hour* Microbladed Effect
  • 3-prong tip with 3 different lengths mimics natural brow hair
  • Comes in 4 versatile shades


Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen Review

What do I have to say in just a few days of using this on a daily basis?

Well, just look at my brows!  They look like I haven’t had anything on!  My brows are full to begin with but they are messy and like I said earlier, I have a huge blank space on my left high (right facing you) and you can’t see none of that now!  

Natural-looking?  CHECK!

Now on to the 2 shades I got, I got Light Brown and Medium brown.  You don’t have to get 2, but I like the faded brow effect at the inner corner and a bit darker from the center to the ends.  That for me is a secret to youthful look.

Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen Review

Top: Light Brown
Bottom: Medium Brown

Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen Review

Pigmentation is good, the product is quite unique, upon application, you feel like you need to apply more since it is all “blurred out”.  But try not to layer so much in one go as subtle effect will always be a priority when it comes to drawing natural-looking brows.  I used Medium Brown which is perfect on me.  I can lightly apply on the inner corner mimicking the look of extra brow hairs and gently manuever the pen and fill in gaps in the same direction as hairgrowth right beside the gap.  

No scientific method needed, just take a look at the direction of growth and follow that same pattern.  And what I love about Benefit’s Microfilling Brow Pen is when it is set - it sets and stays the WHOLE day or until makeup removal!  I even tried washing my face (with just water) and the product stayed !  Which is good enough, no smudge, no messy-looking brows!

Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen Review

Don’t ditch your brow mascara!  I like ti finish off the look with your choice of Brow Mascara or in my case, I’ll follow it up with Gimme Brow to complete my fluffy looking brows!

Benefit Microfilling Brow Pens are priced locally at Php1,600.00.  Available in all Benefit boutiques near you.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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