Thursday, January 14, 2021

True Beauty K-Drama Lim Joo-Kyung Makeup Look


I don’t know about you but True Beauty has a certain charm to me!  I usually do not watch Kdramas that are ongoing!  I dislike the fact that I have to wait weekly to know what’s going to happen next!  Call me impatient - I am!  (When it comes to K-Drama!)

This one was an exception.  When I first watched some short clips on Facebook videos, I searched on the drama right away and watched Episodes 1-6 (the last was episode 6 for year 2020).  I knew the drama could be superficial to some but it has deeper roots.  

At the age of 15 or 16, I suffered from hormonal imbalance and had really bad acne.  So bad I don’t have photos to prove because I disliked taking photos!  For an extrovert to turn introvert and hide from parties and gatherings, I relate to the charater Lim Joo-Kyung so much that I cry whenever she cries.  

I was never bullied like her but I knew the sudden lack of confidence when you are at that young age of highschool student - ahhhh I even remembered talking to my crush and he was literally starting at my cheeks !  I just want the earth to swallow me!  

True Beauty K-Drama Lim Ju-Kyung Makeup Look

Even when I turn back time, I probably won’t be able to do what Joo-Kyung did, I can’t wear makeup for the life of me!  Studying in a strict Catholic School, I’ll get kicked out faster than having a lovelife!  *laughs*

But now that I’m way older, I’ve decided to play with the makeup looks created by the character because I love how fresh and natural she looked even if the character was known to have put so much foundation!  

P.S.  I never claim to look like Moon Ga Young the actress but I tried my best to recreate the makeup look of that particular photo! (Above)

How do you like it?

True Beauty K-Drama Lim Ju-Kyung Makeup Look

I would probably throw in a nice pair of lashes but since the character is a highscool student, I’ve decided to forego this step!

For this look, I’ve tried lightening up my brows and make it more subtle and natural looking since my original brows are WILD and thick!  I also use a bright eyeshadow color to mimic bright looking eyes and used pencil liner instead of liquid for subtle definition.  I also drew in some false lashes at the lower lashline because the actress has huge-looking eyes in this drama!

The most distinct feature of Joo-Kyung is her just-bitten lips!  She always use a nice shade of red at the center of her lips making her lips look youthful!  And lastly, I did not forget to highlight my skin and skipped concealer on my undereye area and created Aegyo-Sal (puffy undereye).  Koreans believe having fat deposits under the eyes represents youthfulness!  

True Beauty K-Drama Lim Ju-Kyung Makeup Look

Here’s my quick 3-minute video!  I hope you enjoy watching!  I listed all the products used in this video as well!

How do you like this look?

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Stay happy!

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