Friday, January 29, 2021

How to Change Your Look with Bags + Livestream + Giveaway!


Today at 5:00pm, I have to honor to talk about my favorite Beside U bags, a bag I highly recommend not only for travel but for fellow moms and busy girls in general!  Actually, these bags are perfect for all ages and gender!  Aside from that, I will be sharing tips about the Lunar New Year and how these bags are perfect to jumpstart a better Year of the Ox!  

Please tune in as I will be giving away 5 Beside U bags during the livestream! 

U’ve got 3 types of bags which I have been using depending on my mood, my outfit and my destination.  A backpack, a sling bag (that can transform to a fanny pack) and a pouch!

I have shared a quick transition video on how I change my bags and footwear and everything changed!  No outfit changes - just accessories!  How do you like these looks?  Which one is your favorite?

The Beside U Orion Red is my favorite for quick errands.  I don’t need to bring my wallet and the bag itself is compact yet spacious enough to store everything I need!  It has several pockets to put cards, IDs and money.  It also has space to put my alcohol, wipes, face mask even a small notebook and pens!  Mind you, I can still add more!

Visually, it looks appealing and easy to pair with different sets of outfit!  This is my best bag purchase for the year 2020 so far!

Don’t forget to watch my Livestream today as I will share more tips and tricks for both bag usage and Lunar New Year!  I also pray AMW friends will get the chance to win these bags!!!

Is it a date?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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