Saturday, January 30, 2021

Loving my Casetify Cases!


When it comes to phone cases, I am quite conservative!  The most phone cases I own in a phone model is around 5!  That’s the max because most of the time, I was gifted with extra phone cases but if I buy them, it’s just 1 phone case PER PHONE MODEL.

Told ya !  I am a smart shopper!  I only invest on one high quality case that would protect my phone for years and years to come!

No thanks to technology and lockdown and online shopping, I have been seeing a lot of Casetify ads on both Instagram and Facebook.  I ended up browsing through their site and wondering how it feels to own a phone case that is personalized!  Then I was gifted with 2!  (Talk about wish granted!)

Okay, as always, you’ll hear the real deal about these cases.  No sugar-coating, I will also share my experience in shipping!  Are you ready?

Casetify Cases Review

My Casetify iPhone11 Pro Max cases were shipped on December 21, 2020.  I received a notice card from our local Postal Office to pick up the package around January 12 which isn’t bad!  Less than a month’s time to have my package in our country considering the holidays + COVID19 delays!  

The only downside is the fact that this was shipped using local PO so I was asked to pick it up my own at our P.O.  Thank God the place isn’t far but with the COVID19 threat, I’d rather not go out and staying with a lot of people in line.  The time I picked up this package, there were a number of people so social distancing should be practiced by yourself because the others don’t have that inkling to do so! 

Casetify Cases Review

Back to the package, each cases were protected with a box and foam!  The back of the phoen case has peel-off sticker so you are assured of protection from scratch!  

I get why there were a lot of raves and noises online regarding this brand!  You really get high quality cases and prints are really good!  

Some reviews mentioned about the bad quality of print but thankfully, I don’t have those issues with mine.

Custom Iphone 11 Pro Max. Mirror Case
There are 4 colors to choose from and there’s a choice for Grip Case, Impact Case and Ultra Impact.
There are other choices like glitters and a whole lot more! Mine is the Impacat case which has ample protection on the side but not as bulky as the Ultra Impact case.

Casetify Cases Review

I love how the “mirror” changes in color depending on where the light hits!  It looks silver on one angle and pitch black on different angles.  It has my name printed at the center which is just right for me!  Nothing too loud but nice enough to feel that this case was really meant for me —- well, and to all the Nikki’s in the world with iPhone 11 Pro Max phone!  *laughs*
Casetify Cases Review

Let’s talk about the other opposite case.  The first one is plain and very simple while the other one is exact opposite.

Casetify Butterfly Rainbow
Choice of Impact Case, Ultra Impact, Glitter and Neon Sand Liquid
You can also customize the color of butterflies background, mind is clear!

Casetify Cases Review

This screams I’m a girl who loves beautiful things!  I usually dislike loud designs but this one gives off such a good cheerful vibe I can’t help but reach out for this case immediately and use it!  Yes, I am currently using this!
Casetify Cases Review

I have lived my big phone life with Ungrip, I can’t live without it for the past 4 plus years and I was surprised how these phone cases from Casetify honestly helps in my grip and I can actually survive using this phone case without attaching a pop socket or my favorite Ungrip Your Phone straps!

Casetify earned thumbs up from me, they are pricy than inexpensive phone cases that are sold on Shopee and Lazada but the quality is worth every single centavo!  These are the type of cases I would use until I change my phone model!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi! Did you have to pay anything like tax when you picked it up in the PO? TIA!

    1. wala naman tax but the usual 130php ba yon or something tuwing may pick up, yun lang naman so far


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