Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy Review


Since lockdown I haven’t been going to my favorite The Facial Care Centre and I wanted to do something nice on my super tired skin!  

After trying out UFO by FOREO, I finally opened myself up to other brands that are making waves in the online beauty industry (locally).

For a bit of background, Dr. Beauty aims to provide innovative and easy-to-use beauty tools and devices that bring beauty clinic treatments straight to our homes.  To be honest, these gadgets aren’t expensive if you use it in longer terms and best if the effect is obvious.

I got to try 2 of their bestsellig gadgets.  The first one is the Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy (Php3,999.00 available at BeautyMNL)

Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy Review

This beauty tool is best used to treat various skin issues as it utilizes Radio Frequency, High Energy Pulse and Photon.  What caught my attention in this tool is how it would stimulate Collagen production and even improves blood circulation as per product details.

Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy Review

Here’s a quick overview on how to use the gadget as I find it not as simple to use as touch and go!  I mean you really have to read through this because I originally thought serum is needed to be used prior to using this tool.  

Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy Review

Keep in mind the 5 different light modes with specific functions 

Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy Review
  • Red: For shrinking pores, improving elasticity, reducing fine lines.  
  • Green: Reduces acne, pimple and blackheads.
  • Blue: Tones and sculpts the face slims down saggy, flabby areas.
  • Orange: Reduces wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • Purple: Aids in product absorption
I am unsure why I can’t seem to find “Orange” no matter how many times I tried to click the product again and again but saw Yellow instead.  I would think yellow as the equivalent of “orange” so I’ll keep it that way.  I am not sure if only my beauty tool has this issue or all of the LED Facial Therapy from the brand lost the orange spell!  

I haven’t used all the functions to be honest.  I use Blue most of the time as I want to see if it does help sculpt my face as that would be the most obvious for a span of a month or so.  

To start off, make sure to use after washing your face with soap or facial wash.  Make sure your skin is dry and use the preferred “light” and change the level.  I prefer to start at the lowest level for first time users and even if I am not a newbie in terms of Beauty Gadgets, I do have sensitive skin so I prefer to always start with their lowest setting.

Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy Review

I honestly do not feel anything on Level 1 but I do feel a bit of “tingling sensation” on Levels 2 and 3.  How does it feel to use this tool?  It was uncomfortable at the first few usage for the fact that there is no “agent” to make this tool glide on easily on your face.  I find it a bit dragging at first but once you get the hang of it, hour hands just glide through from one area of your face to another.  You just have to keep in mind that this product is NOT a facial massager but more of sending out Radio Frequency and energy pulse to your skin! 

If you ask me, does this product help “sculpt” my face? 
I don’t see a model-like chiselved cheekbones but what I noticed is how “firm” my skin looks.  I never have issues with open pores but I like how my skin felt like a 20-year old skin even if I’m in my early 40’s.  

Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy Review

Check out my photo above before using Dr. Beauty Anti-Aging LED Facial Therapy and check out my most recent photo.  Check out my left cheek (right facing you) and I do have “excess meat” or “saggy skin” on the lower jaw line and it lessened a tiny bit!  It wasn’t that drastic but I see and feel a tiny bit of difference.  I just have to increase the level I guess which I am NOT doing as of present, still on Level 1, 3times a week and I am not complaining!

Is it worth the investment?  
YES, if you set your mind into doing this regularly!  If you felt like rotating the tool all over your face for a good 15 minutes each session is a waste of time and you felt tired just thinking about it, give this a skip as this is like relationship - you have to work your way through it!  

The after effect won’t be as quick and drastic as that of a facial clinic (as their frequency isn’t as high as those of big machines) but still good enough to “maintain” what you’ve worked hard for the past months or years.

This is indeed a nice home facial gadget especially those who don’t like to go out for safety precautions (COVID and all!)

What do you think about Beauty Gadgets?
Will you invest on such?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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