Thursday, February 11, 2021

Hairstyle Tip: Half Up Half Down Classy ‘Do

Hairstyling, aside from makeup and skincare has always been my insterest for so many years!  
I purchased hairstyling tools first before I started on Cosmetics!  I saved my allowance on hair serums, hair sprays, mousse for as long as I remember.  So it is obvious that I am including hairstyles on my blog because I started doing so on my Instagram - I’d like to share it here for those who aren’t really into Instagram!  

I felt cute - will note delete !  LOL

This is my longest hair length to date - all thanks (and no thanks) to COVID-19!  I have been so scared to go out to malls where I usually have my haircut.  I’ve cut my own hair once and have been doing so for my husband and son on a 3rd weekly basis so I am so tired and lazy to cut my own hair again!

But if you are interested, my haircutting tutorial is HERE.  It is simple and easy and my sister swore on this!  She has been cutting her hair on her own since the Pandemic around 4-5 times already!
YES - Thanks to ME :P. 

Now let’s go bak to this simple Half Up Half Down hairstyle.  All you need to invest on is a cute hair claw like this one which I bought online for less than a hundred pesos!  I find the pearls to be classy and would work even on special occasions!

Do make the overall look more stylish, I’ve decided to curl the lower half of the hair and curtain bangs.  You don’t have to do the curling if you find it tedious but I like the romantic waves.

Tip: watch how I twist my hair to secure the hair claw, I know some would complain how the hair claw would fall easily so I got your back on that! 

Happy Watching.  Please let me know if you still sport this hairstyle!

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